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  1. The Mead Hall

    They also used that^ for Witcher 2's trailer.
    This is the trailer version:

    Swedish band, I think.
  2. La Cumpainie de Segunz Filz [NA/EU]

    Dansk viking said:
    Usually there was the rule that you needed to have at least five guys to get your banner included in the mod, I like to think that this goes for the channels on the TS as well, although personally I think it is more important that said clans have a thread on the board. If you want a channel, that's fine, but consider making a banner first (this would also allow me to make an icon for you in there).
    No, of course, we won't even approach it until the clan has more apparent "roots into the earth", as it were.

    While we're on the topic though, we were discussing some banner options, and the ideas have been all over the board.
    Everything from typical Norman imagery (like those "dracos" on their kite shields, or those Crusader-like crosses) to things like specific checkered designs and a stylized depiction of a cavalier. I personally like the dragon (it is a dragon, right?) depicted on many Norman shields, as seen here.
    We also have some back-up names discussed in case "The Company of the Second Sons" becomes problematic in some way.
  3. La Cumpainie de Segunz Filz [NA/EU]

    Captain Melon said:
    Aethel said:
    Yeah, that was me; "Serle d'Ivri." Fun event.
    Looking to join?

    Possibly, if there is no strict attendance for anything.
    :wink: Not that I'm aware of, and I'm the co-founder so I should know..

    Right now, I think it will be just Shieldwall Events, Hildileikr Days, and larger events, when we can catch them.
    At this point (especially since there's only 2 of us), we basically just show up to Vikingr fights, and if more than 1 Second Son shows up, then hurray for association.

    Hopefully in the future we'll get a channel on the Teamspeak server when and if the Vikingr community gets more active.
    At that point, if there's enough of us and enough of those players are interested, we could try some more organization, but that would be a long way off.
  4. La Cumpainie de Segunz Filz [NA/EU]

    Thanks for all the good wishes. Looking forward to fielding our Norman brethren against all of you in the future!
  5. La Cumpainie de Segunz Filz [NA/EU]

    Yeah, that was me; "Serle d'Ivri." Fun event.
    Looking to join?
  6. La Cumpainie de Segunz Filz [NA/EU]

    "It's almost harvesting season!"
  7. PREVIOUS EVENT: Val de Saire (May 17th)

    The new Norman clan that has been mentioned above, La Cumpaigne de Segunz Filz, has been launched, albeit in a very.. rough form.
    Check it out if interested.
  8. La Cumpainie de Segunz Filz [NA/EU]

    Cançuns de nostres gestes
    Songs of Our Heroic Deeds

    La Cumpainie de Segunz Filz, or "The Company of Second Sons", could be seen as an early symptom of the future Norman people, unique and exceptional. The small band seemed to originate as the retainers and followers, the familia regis, of a second son of a lord, Amalri.
    Being from the Norman half of the Vexin, Amalri came to be simply known as "Amalri de la Vexin", as well did many of his followers.

    It is not too clear where the original band went after departing the Vexin. It is suggested that Amalri took up work as a retainer in Rouen for a time under the Count, but by 1000 AD, there's records of a similar "Amalri" fighting in Aragona against Mohammedans on behalf of the Count of Barcelona, Ramon Borrell.
    This Amalri died there, around 1010, but his followers had become loyal to his name and spirit, and so delivered his body to Rome to be buried.
    It is suggested that the small group of Normans stayed together, even without a lord and master, and may have even ventured into southern Italy for a time, probably joining the Drengots and their large band of exiles on pilgrimage to the shrine of the archangel Michael.
    In 1018, the Battle of Cannae occurred between the Greek Catepanate and some rebellious Lombards, with the latter hiring a notable number of Normans.
    It is highly possible that it was at Cannae that the La Cumpainie de Segunz Filz came to form.

    Returning to Normandie around 1020, the La Cumpainie de Segunz Filz was now a much different animal than the one that had left some decades prior.
    Most of its original fighters were likely gone by this point, and in their place the ranks swelled, with odd Bretons, Flems, Franks, and anyone else who could speak an ounce of the rough Norman tongue.

    Li garçun
    The Lads
    - Serle del Velgesin
    - Galter li Senglers

    Joindre la rute
    Joining the Troop
    We are a North American and European clan, no boundaries hold us back.
    If you seek to join the La Cumpainie de Segunz Filz, simply post an introduction to yourself in this thread and state your intention and desire to join our ranks.
    Then, we will look to contact you through Steam. When we get a Teamspeak and a Steam group, we'll let you know.


    This clan is, as you might guess, very much a 'work-in-progress.'
    Before you criticize the bad French/Norman, realize that it is all placeholders, waiting for folk like you (particularly Hrotha) to come along and nitpick for us.
    We hope that someday this clan page will be as spiffy as the Fyrningas' thread.
    Furthermore, the conceptual foundations of the clan are also very "wip", so bear with us.
  9. La Cumpainie de Segunz Filz [NA/EU]

    La Cumpainie de Segunz Filz The Company of Second Sons (placeholder flag) There are those who have always been second, those who have been abandoned by their kin, the ones who have been given the short end, Hear, hear, listen, seconds sons, Make your own fates!
  10. The "Get on Hildileikr" Day! (Next: 13th September; other dates in first post)

    Just use the standard public rules. Let anything like shieldwalls happen organically and be the exception, not the rule.

    Faenwulf said:
    Normal Day: Sunday; whole day, but specifically about 19:00 GMT - This way Europeans and Americans can play together without separation.
    If there is a Shieldwall/Historical Event: Wednesday; whole day (come whenever you like, leave wehenever you like).

    That'd be exactly noon for me on Sunday. Wouldn't be able to make the Wednesdays though, but that's fine.
    In favor. I think it'd be good.
  11. PREVIOUS EVENT: Val de Saire (May 17th)

    momcilo94 said:
    Event was enjoyable, althought I was annoyed that my axe kept bumping so much against leather armour even though I landed straight hits xD
    You killed me at least once or twice
  12. PREVIOUS EVENT: Val de Saire (May 17th)

    MarchHare said:
    ThegnAnsgar said:
    Great fun fighting with the public host, you guys were awesome. Shout out to Serle for leading us, unfortunately I had to leave before the Conquest phase, but it was good fun, nice to see the Normans won. Hopefully for the future event, "La cumpaignie de segunz filz" will be formed by then, and a magnificent Norman clan can take the field.

    A Norman clan? Would it be focused on cavalry? Because if not, I would be interested.

    However, I'm utterly incompetent for anything nor directly related to holding a shield in front of my face, so other than spear fodder, I can't do much. But hey, you can throw me against the enemy line.

    As only events have enough players (correct me if I'm wrong) to really field much cavalry, no. I don't think any clan "focuses" on cavalry, in fact.
    Infantry is always the basis of this mod and its setting (as far I know). And while cavalry will be, you know, a thing at some events like this one, you can always just dismount if you really don't feel like riding a mount into battle.
    You could always do what a lot of the earlier migration period Germanics did: ride the horse into battle, but when the clash begins, dismount and join the shieldwall.

    Anyways, you're of course more than welcome to join us!
  13. PREVIOUS EVENT: Val de Saire (May 17th)

    The Second Sons are coming for you Saxons  :iamamoron:
  14. PREVIOUS EVENT: Val de Saire (May 17th)

    Rallix said:
    Thanks for making up in my inexplicable absence. Sounds like you did good.
    No problem, Rallix. I enjoyed it anyways, despite being initially hesitant.

    MarchHare said:
    We all know that, at the end of time, only one nation will remain: China.
    Which is why we should bring Tang Dynasty to Vikingr  :lol:
  15. PREVIOUS EVENT: Val de Saire (May 17th)

    Not that it stopped the Knytlings in the decade or so to come
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