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    New game. Some observations about spears

    Hey folks.

    Ive come back to the game after a few months stop and figured id do a playthrough and give some feedback. This isent a big post of feedback but rather something that I noticed right off the bat that feels off.

    Did they make spears even weaker then they already were? My character starts with a shortswords and a spear. And the damage numbers on the swords are lieges higher then they are on the spear. Even on horseback (and with a newer upgraded spear) I managed to do a whopping 70 damage while moving at 13 m/s. A normal sword slash accomplishes just about the same damage with next to no movement buff. Why in the name of god are spears so weak now? Even weaker then they were when I still played regulary?

    I havent gotten a chance to test the spear brace yet in single player but when I played they were just rolled out in multiplayer and there they were a good addition and made spears have some merit. The brace just about always outright killed someone when they ran into a braced spear. But it leaves you vunerable (no shield and cant move) so the trade off was fair. But normal spear jabs do next to no damage now :/ its weird.

    It could be tied to low starting stats I suppose. My character just has 27 points in polearms. But the skill for his swords is lower and he consistantly does more damage with them. So that story doesent hold up either. Anything in particular that might cause this is or are spears just (even more) garbage now?

    Couple in their limited moveset and inability to be used in melee (due to their length) I see no bloody reason to take a spear at the moment other then flavour. Am I alone in thinking this?
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    battle scenes with too many trees and bushes

    If you are at a forest, expect trees, bushes, etc. If you don't like it, fight in another place!
    Horses shouldn't be best in every terrain.
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    why do horse charges only cause a stagger?

    Also, why the knight don't get hurt when fly ahead when we kill the horse?
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    What are your must-have mods you can't play without that you'd like Taleworlds to implement into the base game?

    is it true what they say over at the page in nexusmods though?

    they say swords are useless with this patch. that there are horrible faction inbalances..

    i keep reading a lot of praise for this mod here on these forums but no criticism at all. i installed it for a few minutes and realised it had messed up my whole economy whereby a pugio cost like 15k and long swords 2k.. so ya..

    can you comment on the negatives of this mod as well? at the end of the day its meant to be a game if every battle is going to last 5 hours and ill be forced to use maces and swords are just for decorative purposes then i dont see the point. if batanians will just run over their neighbours on every save then whats the point
    Against heavy armored units, swords are less usefull.

    But is possible to edit units.
    For example, elite cataphrats changed to horse archers (no shields, with bow/arrows).
    Just remove the bow/arrows lines and its done.
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    What are your must-have mods you can't play without that you'd like Taleworlds to implement into the base game?

    RTS (just to send troops to a specific target, dont care for camera)
    Improved garrison
    Open source armory
    Feel the hit

    Xoberax friedly fire + Yell out + Rise your banner, w/o that circle
    over troops make things cool
    True series
    Bandit militia
    Allegiance overhaul
    Agriculture estate
    Populations of calradia
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    How do you, people, level up your Trade XP?

    Howdy, everyone!

    Seen a lot of people here, on the forums, who were saying they've leveled up their trade XP up to 200-300 and so on. Usually I play as a merc->vassal->whatever it leads me further, but this time I've decided to try the merchant/smith playthrough, without participating in any wars and stuff. And you know what? Leveling up trading is SUPER BORING. It is so slow, there is no possibility to hasten it up. I have 2 caravans and 5 workshops, they bring me tons of profit, but my trade experience won't level up at all. How do you even manage to go above 175 at least? At current, it seems to me that the only way possible is using some sort of exploits or something.

    @Duh_TaleWorlds why won't at least workshops bring you passive trade XP gain? Do you plan to change it somehow to make the leveling up less tedious?
    Buy Aserai/Desert horses in Askar, sell in Galend/Jaculan.
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    Why was Old Troop Assignment System removed?

    Thank you I'll relay this internally for discussion 👍
    Add more options on the "+" tab.
    Currently we have: heavy armor, polearms, thrown and shields.
    Light armor, one handed, bow, crossbow and two handed please.

    This way, we can set light armor plus polearms/one hander for example, and split recruits.
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    Weird grip on weapons

    I have reported this issue some months ago, I think devs are aware of it. You can report issues in the technical support section.
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    Weird grip on weapons

    Hello. I'm having a weird grip on pole weapons handling. It's happening on some weapons. Redownloaded files on Steam, removed mods, and still this way. Any way to repare this? Ty in advance.
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    Strategy challenge!

    Step 2: Set yourself to be the defender on Desert map 009
    One part of being a good tactician is choose the field of battle...
    The Right field of battle.
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    Companion's equipment after death

    After battle, on loot screen, select companion and remove the equipment.
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    AI redeployment rate is way too high

    At least, increase the ransom for lords...
    Increase a lot!

    Hit where it hurts. $$$$
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    Imporving horse charges, hoof attacks, and horse death

    I assume this is just a placeholder value, but the current damage is way too weak. A horse charge full speed into a soldier does maybe 5-10 damage if that which is too weak imo. Also when horses tumble from being killed they should hurt troops that they fall on as well and basically be a rolling boulder of flesh knocking troops down like bowling pins.

    In this accident a man gets run over by a horse and don't even slow them down one bit. "Mr Pacheco suffered critical head injuries, a broken jaw and severe damage to his spine in the incident. He was airlifted to hospital and has been in intensive care since the accident happened on 3 June."

    So how could horse charges be improved-
    • Most importantly damage done by horses should count towards riding skill xp!
    • Realistic rag doll effects for troops hit by full speed charging horse
    • Charge damage that can kill or harm troops based on weight and speed of horse
    • Damage to horses from hitting troops if they are not wearing horse armor
    • Formations being able to stop or slow down horse if the ranks are deep enough
    • The death of the horse causing damage as they tumble through infantry
    • Hoof attack damage for war horse class mounts when they rear up (use space bar when stopped)
    • Horse on horse collision damage
    I can't stress enough that charge damage and hoof damage should count towards riding skill experience otherwise these attacks are pointless.

    More dynamic battles for sure!

    What are you guys thoughts?
    When horse get killed, the rider must take damage too.

    For now, when the horse falls, the rider roll over the ground and take no damage.

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