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    BEAST Predictions - Entries Closed

    Div A Winners*: DM
    Div A Relegation: MoB
    Div A Most Kills: DragonKing
    Div B Winners: aD
    Div B Relegation: HV
    Div B Most Kills: Walker
    Div C Winners: RH
    Div C Relegation: Hess
    Div C Most Kills: Forsee
    Div D Winners: AE
    Div D Relegation: HV (Third Team)
    Div D Most Kills: OurGloriousLeader
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    Promotion in Beast#4 / Transition to 6 team divisions

    There is no promotion match between 6th and 1st place or are refering to the match between the 6th place of A vs the 1st place or B?
    6th place of A vs the 1st place of B in tournaments when there are 6 teams in the divisions.
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    Promotion in Beast#4 / Transition to 6 team divisions

    I think admins should consider canceling the Promotion Matches between 6th place and 1st place for next tournament (BEAST 5). And save this match for 5th and 2nd place.
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    Different approach on limits

    It sounds interesting, but in practice it can make the game better or worse. I think we could test this format and apply it in the next tournaments (BEAST5).
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    EU Skirmish In-progress Beast #4 Sign up thread.

    Team Name: Alliance of Destruction
    Team Tag:
    Contact 1: Silver Steam
    Contact 2: Horus Lupercal Steam


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    An open letter to the competitive community

    Yes, let's play the game of infantry battles without infantry! We already have public servers where only cavalry and archers fight, let's do it in tournaments
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    [aD] Alliance of Destruction [RU]

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    📢 Bannerlord Competitive Scene

    [RU] Duel Tournament #1 (1.06.20 - 30.06.20)
    1 - Arni
    2 - WarCat
    3 - Silver

    [RU] Duel Tournament #2 (29.09.20 - 24.11.20)
    1 - Arni
    2 - Argentum
    3 - Chao Persik

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    [BEAST#3] Division A - Weekly Match Results

    aD vs HINQ on Thursday at 19 GMT
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    [BEAST#3] Roster

    removed but you have Silver's name and Vedmak's steam there, Can you just clarify that you want to change to Silver and Silvers steam?
    yes, sry
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    [BEAST#3] Roster

    Team Name: Alliance of Destruction

    Player Removal
    Name of player(s):
    Evgenixx, OrcCree

    Update contacts list
    Horus Lupercal
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    [RU] Duel Tournament #2

    Второй турнир завершен, приз отправлен победителю. Спасибо всем за участие. В феврале вероятнее всего будет третий турнир, так что самое время высказать свои пожелания и предложения.

    Итоги второго турнира:
    1 место - Arni
    2 место - Argentum
    3 место - Chao Persik

    Турнирная сетка
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    BEAST - Bannerlord Early Access Skirmish Tournament

    For some context - we made the suggestion of playing in Div A because we were placed in Div D which we found quite unfair based on the teams we played/beat in Beast 2. Since others in Div C didnt want to give us their place we had to essentially chose if we wanted to spend 7 weeks playing in Div...
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    [BEAST#3] Roster

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