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    Have we Reached the Point of Passive Acceptance and Disappointed Resignation with Bannerlord?

    I stopped to play, I am tired to check patch after patch if there is any good progress ... in the end I realized that Armagan has something in mind so different that what I expected. Probably I won't get back until some major mods are released to check them but, as some one said, it will take few years.
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    So what's the plan, exactly?

    Probably the 100th post of its kind, but here goes anyway. The way I see it, Bannerlord has broadly two aspects to its gameplay. The first is the systemic sandbox portion that you mainly interact with via the overworld map, NPC dialogue, settlement capturing/village and caravan raiding, and trading. The second is battles and clan control.

    In the patch notes I've read through, the updates seem to be concentrated on improving battles and balancing, with AI-AI system balancing coming in second. The latest news from TW also seem to imply that battle improvements is their focus, with features like the battle terrain system, banner bearers, companion peerage, order of battle, etc., in the works.

    At the moment, it feels like Bannerlord already gives me a decent degree of freedom with respect to battles and the like, but the first aspect, which is player interaction with Bannerlord's systems, seems pretty neglected.

    There is no plan to improve interaction with Bannerlord's system at least in short term, I mean no improvement has been show as planned in the dev diaries.

    So if they are cooking any idea probably is to be implemented later ... but I wouldn't be very optimistic.
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    Bannerlord is a huge dissapointment.

    Vanilla WB wasn't the greatest but it still had character to it and that unique indie game feeling which is why many love it

    BL is nothing but the remnants of a classic corporate cash grab game

    WB was made by gamers, BL was made by money men
    I don't think so, BL was made to greatly improve the combat experience but me (and many other I guess) were expecting an improvement in the sandbox experience while felt that the WB combat mechanics just needed a small improvement...
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    How disappointed are you in % about the current state of developement of Bannerlord?

    I pretty much dropped BL. I only take a look at the boards from tie to time, but I don't see much change. 80% disappointed. (I did play it after all)
    Other EA games I picked up feel incomplete but not bungled like this.
    Same here, I just check the forums to see if something make me feel interested again in the game... but nothing changes.

    I just hoped for BL the battle system of WB with a more immersive world, and what I got is a battle simulator with a plain world without any kind of dialogs, interesting histories, etc

    totally disappointed.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    Keep battles are triggered only when you’re the attacker or also when you’re defending?
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    Has the men going up siege ladders been fixed?

    Callum I'm not sure how to take this statement, but if you're saying that you guys are only now are having a dedicated meeting about this then that's a real problem. I think I'm not alone when I say that the piss poor ai during sieges (not just ladders) is keeping me from playing this game and that you guys haven't fixed or figured a workaround for siege issues is very very concerning.
    You are not alone, this is one of the main pain points since the game was released.

    I would say that I am surprised that they didn’t focus on it earlier but I am not, the development speed, test cycles, etc has showed absolutely terrible along this time.
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    How many of us even still have Bannerlord installed?

    I have it install to be aware of updates and see what's going on but not playing.
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    Female Lords mod

    There are few shield maiden in the game, most of females lords are those whose husbands are dead or in prison... so I guess that maybe their current high number is related with the high percentage of death on battle currently applied.
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    Companions could use some attention

    I want “white” companions, I mean someone with level 1 to grow him/her as I want even if it toke longer.

    More or less like your kids but without waiting them to grow up.
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    First campaign with births&deaths. Results?

    A battle simulator where you should avoid the biggest battles or you will wipe out your faction, this has been the state of the game for the latest months...
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    I just feel sorry for those workers which has to manage the community frustration as best as they can meanwhile the managers are hiding in their executive rooms.
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    Consider: Post Release.

    Do you really think he went rogue with that entire economic system or something? And even if he did, I'm not saying it is representative of TW (or not); I'm saying that complexity doesn't matter because most players don't, can't or won't engage with it.
    Players will not pay attention to the economy model meanwhile selling loot is such profitable that prices become meaningless.
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    -3 Owner Culture Penalty is Too High!

    Hey, I would like to ask about a possible feature we are thinking about, would it be too much micromanagement if we had an option to exempt towns from taxation to reduce the loyalty penalty.
    Personally I would love it!! it is the type of feature that make you feel that you have some kind of control over the world you live which something that some of us actually miss in the current stage of the game.

    I hope you finally implement it. Such kind of improvements are absolutely welcome.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Major feature update....

    A check box.... look for it next month's update....

    I am gonna take a break from this forum, the dullness is this game is just maddening and not good for my health.
    Some design decision are really hard to understood, but my hopes are that total conversion mods will make the game as we dreamed but performance issues has to be resolved due it is hard to address such things with a mod.

    I am happy to see that (at least for me) the general map has improved the performance in a very noticeable way, my experience was that patch after patch it was far worse from the initial version.

    Same think for game screens, they worked smoothly once I got the game and now they have a terrible performance, I hope they find the solution also.

    With a good engine mods can give us a great game, it is sad because TW should be able to provide a nice game experience on their own. It was ease if you ask me, they just needed to check the features of the top WB mods and copy/improve them but they choose a very different direction, not sure which may be the reason but at the current point of time thinking that they will change their mind is hopeless.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    After the hotfix I noticed a big performance improvement on the campaign map, great!!!

    but ... some screens still have a big lag when loading, like the trade screen or the encyclopedia if the character has a lot of friends/enemies... as some one pointed seems to be related with the icons loading... for example if you open the trade menu twice the second one takes far shorter, probably because items icons are already cached, similar if you check twice the same encyclopedia character page.
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