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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    My companion is complaining because we are raiding villages... First time I see that.
    Does it mean 1.5.10 introduced trait related behaviour for companions as well?
    Mine due I haven’t paid the wages
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    Definitive post about development of Bannerlord

    Well, haha sure it's not definitive, I just wanted to give my humble opinion to help close this strange chapter of fights and irrational discontent towards everything Taleworlds does.

    We want more communication, we want a roadmap and feel listened to, we are not satisfied with the speed of development and some mechanics are little worked ... Ok, can we talk about other things? :whistle:
    How's the weather out there?

    Honestly, feedback is one of the biggest gifts that someone can do and EA is the best moment to provide it.

    Of course, many post are somewhat rude, but if many people says that the communication is not fluent maybe you should think that it is not and consider changing things... just an example, pick any other topic.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    yes I felt the change too.
    And also, AI combat improvements or is it just me? (not just cavalry, and I mean blocking and stuff)
    Another stupid thing I love is that my wife is my body guard when entering in a scene, I guess that is because I married her before getting any companion but I did the same thing in previous patches and as soon as you have one companion he becomes your body guard. Not sure if it is something intended or just or good luck but I love it. Now I have a reason to gift her a nice dress.

    To be honest it will be a small but lovely feature being able to select who will be your body guard.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    I hadn't played the game since 1.5.7, I have given another try with the current beta... well, there are many things still missing and that requires more work but I have noticed some good improvements mainly in the battle engine.

    For example I feel that moral has a more important role right now, usually my men fought until the last man but now if I have lost around 2/3 of men they start running. The same thing happens with the enemies, when facing small group of bandits I have to hold the fire of my archers otherwise they start running far before reaching my line.

    I had also a small battle that surprised me, I was knocked at the start due a far arrow shoot (I had very low health from the previous battle), the AI toke the control and it did pretty well. It advanced the archer line and they start firing, when the enemy closed they retreat behind the infantry line and then the infantry charged. Maybe it is not an impressive tactic but it is correct and well executed.

    It is nice notice these improvements...
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    It's not ignored, we have a pending task for it.

    Thanks for you answer @Duh_TaleWorlds, but ... as customer it is hard to understood how a bug which is disrupting the game play can be 'a pending task' meanwhile other task that are less impacting for players are prioritized.

    I am sure that the person who decides which task should be worked on have they own reason but I can not imagine which ones maybe be.

    Anyway, thanks for your feedback.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    I am bout 800 days in now, the first 200-300 days there were 2 or 3 rebellions at all times, but as the game progressed the amount of rebellion did reduce a lot so I am not sure if it was just a bad start or the start in general is tough so ignore that for now as it all panned out, however I am very curious on recruiting lords into your kingdom, virtually all lords you encounter, they dont want to serve anyone else, is that because they have positive relations with their leader? I was able to find 1 clan willing to leave of the 27 I looked for. Of course I crit failed that clan so 150 days into starting my kingdom I have no clans helping me. So is this intended or was the high relation to the leader making it too hard to recruit anyone a bi product of the patch.
    I am also having plenty of rebellions, some of them surprising. Omor has become rebel without being conquered by anyone... I think that is related with food shortage.

    still just player fights
    That's pretty stunning, I mean this bug is almost a game breaking... players are avoiding armies battles because otherwise their kingdoms lost to many lords, so the biggest opportunities to have massive battles which is supposed to be the core of the game are being avoid due the bug.

    IMHO solving this issue should be a top priority but we get many other fixes (which are fine of course) but this hot topic is 'ignored'
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    Please improve immersion, stop avoiding this issue, we really want it

    They just added a bunch of new scenes
    As empty as the previous ones...
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    I have read the notes twice and didn't find anything related with lord's dead, so I guess that they will keep dying like flies if we join in a massive battle. Any feedback about this?
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    The big Forum Depression

    No matter who you are, no matter if you play SP or MP, no mtter wich opinion you have about the current status of Bannerlord, it seems everyone is just frustrated and depressed about BL and its progression in the time since release, is this just a feeling of mine?
    Two month without any significant update and no news of what's going on...

    If you explain why new releases are taking so long some people will keep blaming no matter what you say but other ones will understood it. If all your communication is 'no beta patch this week neither', then you have the current situation.

    Honestly is very hard to understood how TW is managing this community.
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    Scenes. TW are you going to do anything about it?

    What impresses me most in all this, is the complete waste of time, resources and talent in the creation of scenarios that no one uses. We have cities and towns where dozens of Taleworlds employees have put their efforts and then no one has been able to give it a role in the game.

    This is indicative of a serious crisis of management and disorganization, it is impressive that, perhaps 6 GB of work, creation, talent of some TW employees , is used only in less than 1% of our playtime.
    Scenes, totally agree, they are awesome but almost nothing to do there, I would love to know if it is intended or they have plans to add some contents there.

    I absolutely loved when I went into my castle keep and found my wife checking a book but then I spoke with her and got the same plain dialog as always...
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    What Bannerlord Does Good

    IMHO, just better graphics at the moment.

    But I agree that there will be a long list of things better if they are able to finish most of the half cooked features that we have now like:

    Battle system (both field and sieges)
    Dead/birth mechanics
    Clan system
    Character development
    More in depth economy

    But some other will be worst if TW don't change his mind like:

    Kingdom control
    Lords relationships
    Role playing
    Empty scenes

    The best we can do is wait to see the final state of the game when released before judgement, right now the only thing that can be absolutely criticized is the development speed.
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    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    No regular Beta patch this week.
    Any possibility to know which are the new features being cooked for the next patch?
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    Anyone else feels like the progress of the game has stalled?

    I was thinking about that. I noticed that after the refactor things really got slow which is ironic cause they said that would speed up development. It appears to me that they are likely working on a dlc now with a skeleton crew working on the main game. That or they just buggered off
    I don't think so, for me is a perfect example of the Pareto Principle plus poor branch management and lack of agile development principles approach in that project
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    The good, yet terribly made game. Mount & Blade: Bannerlord

    nah, vanilla warband was simple and it was truly the mods that made it great but the foundation was there and it was solid and graphics aside i can still have ****loads of fun with it today.

    Bannerlord isn't a bad game, it's just too incomplete and imbalanced for now when compared to warband, mods should be made to improve some areas adding depth and new cool features and scenarios to play and not to fix fundamental issues with the game.

    We still have broken sieges since the beginning of EA, broken smithing, almost non-existent immersion features, barely functioning armors and weapons that deal damage like lightsabers.

    I know they said they are working on those or have "noted and forwarded to the devs" but it's being more than a year of EA now and the progress slowed to a crawl.

    Maybe one of their new features is taking too much of their attention or they are fighting a nasty bug roadblocking the rest of the work but we simply don't know because there is barely any communication beyond a PR statement every few months.
    You have summarized the current status really well, half cooked product, very slow advance and poor communication. I would add controversial design decisions, like delegate to the AI many management stuff related with the clan/kingdom.
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