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    There should not be a report function-Chat

    ahh yes something was acceptable in the past so we shouldn't change it. do you not see how stupid that argument is? When i was younger people were allowed to smoke in pubs and restaurants, why change it! there wasnt even a rule against it back then!
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    There should not be a report function-Chat

    the it was fine back in my day so we dont need progress or change argument does not work in real life or online
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    There should not be a report function-Chat

    "guess none of you gamed in the late 90's early 2000's when the internet was raw and people said all kinds of crazy things in game and noone gave a ****. soft. " am nearly 33 and gamed all that period, can comfirm people did give a **** about what was said in games.. but hey i guess if it was...
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    I agree with Tork.. Ogl is just some no name trash newb who doesnt know his arse from his bothy. He is just trying to make a name for himself by throwing down with the god Tork, clout chasing at its finest!
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    WHY is the class system staying?

    "It should break in 2-3 hits, because it is basically autoblocking, which is cheating when you do not have shields. " not really a point in having shields if they break in 2-3 hits lol, i think making this a 2h hero only game would kill it even quicker ^^
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    RIP MP

    *they wont change the class system they have said that since the alpha lol, no matter how much we argue and cry, just gotta wait for the modders to do their thing*
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    Shields are op and there aren't enough skills to open up an opponent

    go the crpg route :D Make shields a fair bit weaker/warband lvl and give shield wall bonus's so if your standing next to a team mate your shield is stronger, the longer the wall the better it is! crpg did it by adding 1 shield skill per person up to 7, was a pretty interesting mechanic and...
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    Remove the block delay you've added back

    I mean if the goal is realism can we just stop pretending and just give everyone a spear and once in a while a sword :D
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    MP dying real fast

    matchmaking only really works well with a large multiplayer pop tbh, im not sure how big bannerlords is but wbmm sucked any fun out of warband for me, you need enough players so you dont get put in with the rage babies every game :p Personally i really dislike skirmish so its a long wait for...
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    how do u guys feel about warband dying and bannerlord being a tragic mess

    Like i have been here before when Diablo 3 came out :D
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    Racism in Multiplayer

    well we are blessed that you are not a dev tork
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    Racism in Multiplayer

    am 32, can confirm that if you say that **** in RL to random people in the street or while playing a sport etc you will probably be knocked the **** out, say it at work and fired? just because you can hide behind a screen free from consequences doesn't mean everyone else needs to toughen up...