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  1. Simple guide for Polish storyline

    I burned the Cossack Village to the ground and i'm quite certain I sent the villagers to hell. However the troop horse quest will not appear for me, Apparently all the nobles of poland "Have nothing for me to do right now".
  2. What is with these quests

    I believe he said "deserters"
  3. What is with these quests

    Thats all well and good but the problem is outside of sargoth the area is devoid of bandits. All there are is a ton of peseants and nord lords. I mean I thought i could find some but the closest ones are tundra bandits and sea raiders far in the vaegrier lands
  4. What is with these quests

    It seems every other quest I do is ridiculously hard. I was told by sargoth's guild master to go and fight deserters attacking travellers I looked around sargoth and asked a good 25 groups of peasants if they have seen anything and nothin. Am I supposed to just keep looking I have 45 days left...
  5. Epsionage in Sargoth

    Damm Will he return to sargoth at some point and leave again?
  6. Epsionage in Sargoth

    I recently acquired a quest from king ragnar speaking of a spy in sargoth. He told me to wait for the spy then follow him to the meeting place. I camped out of sargoth for several days waiting and nothing like a spy appeared. Am i missing something? I also had this problem a while ago with a spy...
  7. Horse Archery

    I did it explained how to be a correct horse archer and the like
  8. Horse Archery

    So would you guys recommend making a foot archer for the sarranids as opposed to a horse archer for the khergits

  9. Horse Archery

    Thanks for the response and i should have specified but im looking for more single player advice

  10. Horse Archery

    I have never played the khergits before. This is due to people telling me horse archer armies dont work properly. Now Im hungarian so i figured mabye i will try out the whole horse army thing.I would just like to know how are the khergits and are horse archers any good?
  11. [M] 1866 mod for Warband multiplayer v.5 - Unofficial patch for 1.132 available!

    Man this mod hit page 2 it used to be the top of page 1 always. So sad to see a mod semi-die. I just hope the port revives it and brings players back to the mod
  12. Importing

    Where doni find my character statistics I only have the sheet telling about my fiefs and enemies with reknown and right to rule with no import/export
  13. Importing

    I keep hearing about importing characters and the like and i would like to try this i just need to know how is it a mod? Is it a regular feature I just need some quick info on this :D
  14. Token swadian weapon?

    I have been looking for a good lance as i like my current sword but i feel like i need something to make a 1 hit ko charge in to take out nobles and the like i have looked in praven and suno but no luck where can i find a greatlance?
  15. Declaration of war?

    Hmm interesting nice DAO avatar btw i tried to take a rhodok city failed
    i had a ton of knights but i was facing like over 1000 guys in waves
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