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    2nd "Queen's Royal Regiment" of foot

    We plan to form the regiment when napoleonic wars will arrive in Bannerlord. Best regards Colonel Valdetantor I claim the regimental name for no other to use it without permission
  2. Warband Tournaments & Events Information (Historical Record Only)

    If you want a event a 1vs1 add Valdetantor on steam you need 6-8 men to com you gonna have 2 lines 1 with Archers and another there is hevy infantry Post if want to join Clan_Name Leaders_Name How many men coms
  3. 42nd Tuesday Siege Event [EU/NA]

    Regiment name:QRR Preffered Nation:UK What class/troop:Line Highland How many attending:6-9 Leaders or Representatives steam:QRR_Valdetantor
  4. Ironsides Friday Linebattle

    Name of the regiment :QRR Leaders Steam (in case the event is altered):QRR_Valdetantor Type of troop :Line infantry Amount of men you can bring 5-8