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    La Compagnie vinlandaise [NA - Recrutons]

    On a deja pris le nom de Vinlandi. Nous apperceions si du prennais un autre nom.
  2. 1oe_Jones

    Your personal Viking Conquest rating (X out of 10)

    1/10 Only getting 1 Cause it has Viking in the name.
  3. 1oe_Jones

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Dněprŭ (May 18th)

    Innud af Vinlandi reporting :smile: will go which ever side is in need.
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    15eme Régiment d'Infantrie Légère

    5arge said:
    reredrumuoy said:
    While you struggle to continue your dictatorship i will be enjoying a fun Democracy where people are treated kindly.
    Unless they are on NA1 when you and your pals are "having fun" with the admin password. Then nobody gets treated kindly.
    I find most of the NA admins and EU admins are complete dictators and idiots (besides from a few) so when Rere and his gang kindly strolled into NA 1 I saw a glimmer of hope a glimmer of DEMOCRACY! But you admin guys had to take it away :'(
  5. 1oe_Jones

    15eme Régiment d'Infantrie Légère

    Deofuta said:
    reredrumuoy said:
    Deofuta said:
    And of course by disagreement you mean, "We took the administrative password for the official servers, impersonated several regimental heads, and spammed racial slurs and permanent bans."

    If you want to disagree with us, that's cool. Ruining other players experiences? Not cool. For shame 15e.

    Yep. I don't care what the FSE team thinks of me. They've done worse to the NW community than i have.

    Unfortunately your abuse has hardly changed only the FSE team's thoughts. You abused innocent people who purchased the game to have fun. Those people will detest you. People who believe such actions are wrong will detest you. There is no justifiable explanation for ruining players experiences.
    And there are still a lot of people who love him! <3 Rere
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    15eme Régiment d'Infantrie Légère

    Their just jealous of our Swag
  7. 1oe_Jones

    15eme Régiment d'Infantrie Légère

    Rere is Number 1!
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    Best avatar.

    Gwyrdh said:
    Commander Millander said:

    Freikorps Best Korps

    Stole my image *********** ;-;
    LOL oh Millander :grin:
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    63ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne

    Commander Millander said:
    Franco prusisan. Those are breach loaders.
    I believe you are right, the image is distorted on my screen they looked like percussion rifles. Uniforms however were pretty much the same.
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    63ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne

    Dragonlordc1888 said:
    DiplexHeated said:
    [63e] Diplex: http://www.1zoom.net/big2/673/244491-Sepik.jpg
    [63e] Diplex: Here
    [63e] Diplex: nice picture
    FSE_Vincenzo: wat is dat ****
    FSE_Vincenzo: they didnt fight on the american content
    [63e] Diplex: theyre dreaming
    FSE_Vincenzo: this is blasphemy
    FSE_Vincenzo: this is
    FSE_Vincenzo: also wrong
    FSE_Vincenzo: they didnt carry such banners so close
    FSE_Vincenzo: or that many
    [63e] Diplex: ITS A ******** DREAM
    [63e] Diplex: VINCE
    [63e] Diplex: A ******** DREAM

    Thank you Vince :sad:
    Vince is an ignoramus! That are soldiers from the 2nd French Empire dreaming of the glorious times in the 1st Empire! :grin:
    Not only dixies or yankees had an army in the second half of the 19th century!!
    Yes these are French soldiers from the Crimean War (1853-1856). Notice the caps and weapons... dead give away.
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    Royal Scots Greys

    Good Luck Rackio!
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    63ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne

    CHARLES111MAC said:
    When I get back after my holiday some one fill me in Plz will nit be able to talk after this see you next week
    Miss You Charles <3
  13. 1oe_Jones

    Who would be willing to take me into their regiment or help me start 1 from zero

    stefiboy said:
    thank you charles!

    Jones i do have a job, I live in a House in Manotiq(Richest Area in ottawa),I Help Canada instead of standing in a chair and playing Nw
    Im not a disgrace to canada, Frederickson does not have to balls to even hear the word Nice  he is f**ked up and will remain that way to due to his really not functionall brain,He stays in a chair playing nw, while im working my ass of to get into Para for next year in cadets and to go to Advance Pipes and drums,once again he recruits people into the 1er,WOW! what a big accomplishment Psyc!, I Make a Whole parade of over 200 cadets stay in step with the simple hit of a base drum malot along with the Tempo part,Alot of pressure huh?,even more when were on a important parade like Vimy Remembrance
    Your a Cpl, Im a CSM... In the Cadets k lol
  14. 1oe_Jones

    Who would be willing to take me into their regiment or help me start 1 from zero

    stefiboy said:
    Frederickson said:
    stefiboy said:
    join a regiment as an NCO or higher

    Leave now and never come back, you are a useless piece of **** who expects a ******** rank for doing **** all. Today i just got promoted in the 1er to the rank of lieutenant. you know how that happened? by working my ******** ass off for the regiment, not by sitting around on my ass changing regiment names and generally causing bull**** because you are a whiney little ****. You arent going to get ANYWHERE in life expecting things from people. Work hard and expect nothing! or get the **** out of the community because all you are doing is wasting space on the forums. No one likes you.

    but u have no friends in real life, u dont have a succesful job,U dont have a Decent house,U dont have a Higher Plain Of Intelligence unlike most of the People on this forum Like Murphy who actually is(Sort of ) supporting me (I guess) u decide to not heed his warning and go and troll me for what you think is a lower being then you who is actually more important then you will ever be also you insult for everything you dont have, Your a disgrace to canada, Overseas and on the mainland
    Stefi as much as I would like to agree with you... NO your a retard. You have no friends, You do not have a job, u dont have a decent house, your an idiot... Your the true descrace of Canada and its people.

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