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    Custom servers rant.

    It took 3 days to create custom servers for one modder, but because of whatever policy, TW has not released them yet. Shutting the modder down because he makes you look incompetent? So what? I am sorry to tell you, but you do look incompetent without his input already. Why do we have to run in...
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.5

    Customization is amongst the last things that should be worked on currently. The game has some fundamental issues and promises that need to be taken care of. Then we can talk about customization.
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    Bump + Hits needs to FK off from this game

    I literally get bump by being FAR on the side of the horse because of ****ty hitboxes.

    I play cavalry and I have exactly the opposite experience.
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    Bump + Hits needs to FK off from this game

    All you need to do in BL is to sidestep, it's literally like 10x harder to bump someone than in Warband. Pretty much impossible at low speeds also.
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    Discussion about cavalry balance and knock downs

    It wasn't, bumps were very strong (OP) but cav overall were much easier to punish - think of cav rearing other cav, cav getting stuck on friendlies or enemy inf if they can't build speed, more reliable rearing, more likely to get reared hitting walls and objects, less bouncing off of horses with melee, able to cleave through horse into rider. etc

    Hmm, I suppose you are right when it comes to punishing cavalry in a teamfight, but when it comes to just cav vs inf, the balance is imo better in BL. Also, currently (in BL), cav can’t really stay in teamfights because it can’t reliably deal damage (bumps) and acts more like an obstacle for teammates than a support since you push everyone around in the teamfight. If the teamfight is more spread out, than perhaps. I am basing all this on my scarce playtime, so I might be wrong, but Kawaii told me something similar in nature.
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    Discussion about cavalry balance and knock downs

    In Warband MP, Cav was strong but the top speed and accel were slower (unless I'm mistaken?). I think that created better Cav vs Inf balance, and increased the skill requirement for Cav players because a mistake was more punishable. Just a tiny reduction in Acceleration would do the trick to be honest
    I actually think that cavalry vs inf balance was worse in Warband.
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.5

    should've followed that policy with the whole game

    Sharp as a knife.
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    Problems with Skirmish Mode as of May 2021

    Playing cav is by far the easiest class in public skirmish. If you think the role of cav was to stay in static melee fights you are just a very bad cav player. When your bumps dont hit you are a just a very bad cav player. Why on earth should bumps hit ppl you didnt even override? When you charge straight to an aiming archer it's a gamble. What do you want? A kill guarantee? If the archer hit's you it's his skill defeating you. Btw. i find aiming at riders behind these enormous horse-head hitboxes much harder than any cav play. But i admit im a bad archer.

    2vs1 situations are doable, it happens all the time. Ofc it's a matter of skill. And yes, when two skilled opponents dont do mistakes you wont have a chance alone vs them. That's their skill beeing rewarded. Again: What do you expect? An extra buff fo ppl yolo charging into groups of enemies?

    Public skirmish was exactly the last thing I was talking about. Why the hell are you mentioning things I have not even said? No, the role of cavalry has never been to stay in fights, not even in Warband, but you could join the fight and actually help for a few seconds - this is mostly impossible in Bannerlord - you'll get instantly focused down and you won't even hit anyone unless the person has his back turned towards you. Additionally, you are super clumsy and your horse pushes both your allies and enemies away, but doesn't bump either of them, making you more of an obstacle than a teammate in fight. If you are such a great player, I'd like to see your consistent bumps on players, I think I'd have a nice laugh after such a showcase. Again, no one talked about straight-up charging archer or about the "kill guarantee" you mention. The fact is, that cavalry in competitive play is reliant on a hit-running playstyle, all you do is backstab people because you can't really do anything else. Cavalry in Bannerlord is a meme compared to Warband's cavalry, so I don't see where all the outcry for cavalry nerf is coming from. Yes, couches should be nerfed, spears should be buffed, but that's it.

    2v1 are doable, but all you need are 2 mediocre players to easily dominate 1 top tier player, there's no real contest - you are dead, unless they make obvious mistake. In Warband? In Warband you could actually fight 2v1 with a good chance of clutching such a fight, clutches in Bannerlord are much, much harder. Out of the few matches I played in Bannerlord, meta is just to double or triple down on someone and smash him to death or to chase some lonely players before their team can help. 1v1s are still a thing, but this just shows how much harder it is to play against multiple players in BL.
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    Problems with Skirmish Mode as of May 2021

    The cavalry bounces as a whole need to be reworked. Oftentimes, you charge at someone at almost full speed and all that happens is, that the charged player slides by the side of your horse. Make "small" bumps easier while making the cavalry more easily punishable for staying in fights. Currently, cavalry is almost entirely restricted to hit-and-run playstyle and has to rely on people having their backs open for a hit. It is also very hard for the cavalry to push or just contest archers since hitting from horseback is much clumsier than in Warband and shields are smaller. While I do think that cavalry is still strong and should stay a supportive role, all these things make cavalry less fun to play and should be somehow reworked.

    Throwing spears need to be nerfed, removing javelins from the skirmisher for picking a throwing spear is hardly a nerf to the weapon itself. It will still be dropped, still be used, and still be nuking anyone and everyone who gets hit. You are not going to nerf the weapon by slightly nerfing the class, if anything, it is the other way around.

    Also, whose idea was it to make 2+v1 almost impossible to execute? Doesn't matter whether you have a shield or not, once you are fighting against somewhat skilled players, you are doomed to die, unless they make a very, very obvious mistake. - in this clip, Arni can block however he wants and do whatever he wants, but he cannot return a single swing. There's no difference in movement speed, just player numbers. I have a hard time deciding what is the cause of this. Swing speeds? Animations? No option to use footwork to your advantage?
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    Open petition to remove couchlance from the game completely

    ...archers do get couched by cav but it is often when they are distracted shooting into a fight, shooting at another cav, by both cav going for one archer at the same time, while the archer is getting pushed by inf etc.

    There are many situations where archers cannot respond properly to an incoming couch, both when they are aware of it and when they are not. Couches in Bannerlord are extremely poorly balanced and the devs should load up Warband and take notes for how to balance them.

    Isn't this the case in Warband also?

    A big nerf compared to Warband for example is the cone in which you can "aim" the lance while couching, you have like... what? 30° - 45° to work with? And it is harder to hit the couch in many scenarios. I think the only nerf Bannerlord couches need is adding cooldown and a limit to how long you can couch at a time, just like in Warband. I don't think they are extremely poorly balanced though.
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    [NC2021] Suggestions

    Last time someone tried to host a nation based tournament on Bannerlord, it ended up in lots of defaults due to Poland being a clear victor of the tournament and during the previous stage of the game, almost nobody played except Germany, Poland and Turkey afaik, so I don't see a point in hosting a traditional group stage which would result in exactly the same situation where people wouldn't play and it would end up in the teams just giving defaults after 1 week or so, I'd rather to shorten the tournament initially. I wouldn't mind the group stage as well though, if there would be enough interest voiced about it.

    Well, the thing is, Warband was already an overplayed record with mostly old players and somewhat closed community. I don't remember there being any problems with team defaults in the early years of Nation's Cup on Warband and IMO there wouldn't be any now. This is the first Nation's Cup in Bannerlord, we don't even have a clear victor, at least as far as I am aware.

    Didn't realise you were talking about Bannerlord. Either way, what I said still somewhat stands.
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    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup 3,5 - Sign Ups Open (55/56)

    Name: Eduard
    Nationality: Slovak
    Main Class: Cav or Inf
    Steam Link:
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    [NC2021] Suggestions

    I thought that people were mostly against Nation's Cup happening with the current state of the game? Either way, how exactly do you plan to execute a single-elimination bracket? Seeding teams and then letting some of them die in the first round is going to eliminate players from competing and comparing with more nations in the tournament. What's the rush? Why do you want to speed up the tournament so much, why not let nations compete directly in groups, instead of seeding into single elimination and giving half the teams farewell after the first round? What's the benefit of a shorter Nation's cup?
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    Tournament suggestions V2

    what other reason do you have for coming on this forum other than trying to get accepted back into the community, its cringe and shows you have nothing else other than warband in life

    please dont post again and keep it entirely based on tourney suggestions, dont forget, you wont be playing in the next one regardless of what it is

    If I were so desperate to play, I'd just take another key and do so, that's how easy it is. It's funny how the most toxic community member moralizes me. What I have and what I do not have in my life is none of your business. I post here because I still care even if I can't play, that is why I hosted tournaments and why I made graphics for free. Either way, last time I checked, I wasn't banned from engaging with the community on TaleWorlds forums.
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    Tournament suggestions V2

    please just **** off ur not ever playing again stop trying already

    You are delusional ONeil.
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