Forum Ranks

The forum rank system is based entirely on how much total time you have spent on the forums. Your rank therefore has nothing to do with how much you post, so spam will do you no good and can eventually get you banned if you keep doing it.
The required time is considered as solid activity, so for instance 1 day refers to 24 hours of solid activity on the forum. Your measured time online will however not go up if you simply leave the forums open, as it only tracks based on activity. 10 minutes of inactivity will have it consider you as offline.

Below are the forum ranks, along with how much time online is required to reach each one.

Recruit (0)

Regular (1 day)

Veteran (2 days)

Sergeant (3 days)

Sergeant at Arms (5 days)

Squire (7 days)

Knight (10 days)

Knight at Arms (15 days)

Sergeant Knight (20 days)

Sergeant Knight at Arms (26 days)

Master Knight (33 days)

Grandmaster Knight (50 days)

Baron (80 days)

Count (120 days)

Marquis (180 days)

Duke (260 days)

Archduke (365 days)

On probation

Previously banned user who has been given another chance, allowed back on probation.


Someone who has accrued enough warning points to be temporarily muted.
Subforum Moderator

Moderator of a few important boards.

Section Moderator

Moderator of an entire section.

Global Moderator

Moderator of all of the forums.


Handles forum configuration and administration.

Community Support

Member of the dev team who handles community support, generally for the games.

Community Manager

Member of the dev team in charge of everything community related, not just specifically the forums.


A TaleWorlds developer who is not directly involved in forum management.
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