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8v8 ladder type tournament to revive the warband native competitive scene #warbandRL

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… the game has changed. I feel it in the servers, I feel it in the forums, I smell it in the absence of sweaty top-players. Much that once was is lost, for only few now play who remember it.
… it began with the forging of the great tournaments … many were given to the Warband Native scene, who above all else desire titles and fame. For within these tournaments was bound the strength and will to govern the game...

Tough a decade later all this seems to have slowly faded away, the game is slowly dying.

… but they were all of them deceived – for another tournament was made. In the land of nearly dead servers, in the fires of one small Teamspeak server, some Dark Lords and Ladies forged in secret a master tournament to control all the players still alive. And into this tournament they poured their experience, their dedication and their will to not abandon what they love.