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Warband Native League

Dedicated to competitive Warband.

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Tardet's Trailer

Make sure to check out Tardets trailer for the WNL8!

Captain Map Vote

Every team accepted into the tournament is eligable for voting in the captain map vote. Feel free to use the thread for discussions about the different choices. Once you have come to a conclusion, captains are asked to post their teams choices. Deadline for casting your vote is... Read more…
Team Name: Dab gang
Closed Map Vote: Bairteas
Open Map Vote: Waterfall
Admin by ID & Module

Every team accepted into the tournament should have two players with admin stauts on our servers now. In order for our system to work properly, please make sure to download the admin module here. You can also reassign admin status within in your team in that thread. Read more…
Free Agents

The Free Agent thread is up! Should you be looking for a team, don't hestitate to leave a post with your contact details. Good luck to you!
Old Subboard

As you probably already saw, we have had to move back to our old tournament subboard. Unfortunately it is impossible for group admins to edit, delete, lock or sticky the posts of other admins or users. That makes moderating practically impossible, and as such renders groups... Read more…
Sign Up Extension

Due to the extended forum downtime, the administration has decided to extend the sign up phase. Sign ups now close on Sunday, 02.02.20 at 23:59 GMT. Threads will be up as soon as we have adjusted to the forum change. Read more…
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