The Union of Calradia [Community Clan Union]

Hello and welcome to The Union of Calradia Community. If you want to get more detailed information about us, please read the articles below carefully.

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About The Union of Calradia

Union, is a Community of Bannerlord , international and country focused clans to be part of the community.
The idea has created by old Mount&Blade player Lucon , and with the supports of the Brunwick and Farts community became a reality. Establishment date '12.11.2019'
Union is already has over 250+ members in it and each day earns new members and new clans.
There is 3 official clans in the Union.There is a lot of talks happens to get new clan/house/member's to while we give this information.
And our Slogan is: 'For The Union,For Calradia!'

Our missions
Union's Focus'Targets': Union of Calradia's Primary purpose ,To gather Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord clans to play with each other.
For that Union like to give the Clans enjoyable 'events' , 'leagues' and 'organizations' under the roof of the Union of Calradia to also create more experianced players and leaders ; This will be our Most focused succes.
And the mean time ,we'd like to gather Clans in a place to talk and share ideas with the another to create continual friendly community.
Our Union does not want profit in any case and for that donated moneys doesnt reach to union ; unlikely donations will give us the relaxation about improvin our servers , tournaments and prize pool etc.(Donation will be to support our Union ofcourse but all of them will be for union nobody will every touch it for their own sake)

The Union of Calradia
Since July 2019

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