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The MB face of a long running ArmA group: JANFU (Joint Army Navy Fuckup).

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Who We Are

JANFU Tactical is an Arma 3 tactical group that plays every weekend, operating in the Eastern US / Canada timezone. JANFU is unique in the Arma community because it does not represent a specific military unit, does not have a realistic rank hierarchy, and has relaxed rules that allow for mostly anyone to simply hop in and play without extensive requirements. We're all about having fun in a tactical environment instead of being realistic or uptight over procedures.

Group Principles

JANFU is founded on the principle of ‘casual realism’ and everyone being able to have fun. This means there is no locked in pseudo-military hierarchy that dictates how the game will be played and who will do what. This means anyone can slot anything given they understand how to perform the role or have a grasp of what to do but need in-mission guidance by someone who is experienced in that area. Casual realism does not equate to non-serious gameplay; hierarchy exists within a mission depending on the slot taken. It’s expected that each player takes their chosen role seriously, and with respect to the doctrine and tactics that a leader might expect for a rifleman to be able to perform. Seriousness is expected, and being unable to operate maturely will ruin the experience for someone else.

Missions played in JANFU are mostly cooperative settings against AI made by mission makers and meet our standards before being played. We also play PvP missions when possible.

The Group

JANFU Tactical started as an Arma 2 group in February 2014, switching to Arma 3 in October of that year. JANFU has no attendance requirements and only asks new members to attend a single orientation session to get familiarized with the mods that we use. JANFU currently has ~40 regular members total with an average of 30 players at every session. We are mainly a North American group but have numerous members from around the world.


JANFU uses ranks that reflect roles in group administration only. Every new member is given the probationary rank of "Rookie" for a few weeks, and then they are elevated to a full member or "Grunt". Higher ranks are reserved for those who take leadership roles often in missions and help run the group.

Freedom and Choice

Among having no attendance requirements, you are free to take almost any role in a mission as a new member. You could play as a tank gunner, medic, and regular rifleman all in the same night. Any non-rookie member is also allowed and encouraged to try leadership roles from fire team leader to platoon commander in missions.

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