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Impera is a group of Hardcore players and Casuals. The community was orginally created for Escape From Tarkov and have now branched out to Bannerlord. Our main goal in Bannerlord is to become the biggest clan and compete in Clan Vs Clan battles as much

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Why Should you join us?

We have experience in leading groups of people and look forward to creating the most well organized Armies within Bannerlord. We have a rank structure system that promotes communication and dedication to the Impera Legion. We offer a structured rank system with promotions. Have the opportunity to participate in Community events and giveaways. Be part of a well established Discord Community that plays multiple games not just Bannerlord.

Our Requirements to Join We only ask of a few things:Follow the Community Rules; Be a team player and be Mature; Have a Headset

Have YOU got what it takes to climb the ranks and lead your own army? Simply join our discord! Click below!

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