Formerly known as the 2nd 'Hessian' Regiment of Foot, the House-Hessian is a community of people from all over the world, playing Mount&Blade and a lot of other games together since 2012.

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Who are we?
Founded in late 2012 the 2ndHess was a community of German players who enjoyed playing together. Since 2017 our community is made up of people from all around the globe, with a focus on EU. Preparations for the release of Bannerlord have started in March 2018, with the founding of the House-Hessian steam group. The group counts over 200 members and expects even higher numbers in the near future. Lingua Franca of the clan is English. Large part of our community, however, are non-native-speakers of English. Whilst some people may see that as an issue, we experienced that this is what allows us to integrate new members whose English might not be perfect into our system.

History of the House
Coming from overseas as most of their Vlandian brothers, the Hessians were mercenaries who fought for whoever had the most gold to offer. At the time they first came to Calradia, the Empire was the only one who could afford such elite mercenaries. The Hessians were mostly busy fighting the unsubdued tribes in the western parts of the continent. Sometimes heading north or south, taking care of further tribes like the Osti, Suadi, or Rhekkadoki. As the Empire began to decline, and their gold wasn't enough to keep the Hessians paid for, the Empire started to give land and titles as payment for their service. The first Hessian to be bestowed the title of a duke was the glorious Lukasoh of Hessen. It was during his reign that the House started to settle and marry people from the Empire. Duke Lukasoh was a wise ruler and great military strategist, leading to prosperity and growth of his duchy. After his long and prosperous reign, he died at old age. Succeeding him was his one and only son, Duke Noel. He, just as his father, was able to expand the duchies belongings, making it the strongest force of the Empire's west. With the expansion of the House's territory, there were some problems arising. Some of the people married into families from the Empire and somewhat adapted to the calradic way of life. Others, however, decided to value the traditions of old and thought that those changing to suit the Empire are traitors to their heritage. As Noel noticed this development, he decided to take action. As the two sides were on the verge of civil war, he gave both of the sides an Earl who then would represent their wishes and respond only to the Duke himself. This and some other measurements allowed the House to stay united. With this problem taken care of, there was another problem that could not be solved as easily. Noel didn't have an heir to his throne. He, wise as he was, knew that declaring one of the Earls or other officials from one side of the House would inevitably lead to civil war. So he sent out his spies to find someone who's not on either side. After years of waiting, his spies returned to him, stating they found the perfect fit for his request. He was a young noble, born in the traditional faction of the House, and in his teens growing up in the diverse environment of the Empire. A man understanding both factions, as he has lived both ways. As Noel expected his time to come to an end soon, he ordered for the young man to be brought to him. The young man, called Jakob van Bicke, was brought to the Duke and received the instructions necessary, to later, run the duchy. He was taught how to manage state affairs, deal with subordinates, and how to negotiate with Empire officials. The thing he surpassed all expectations, however, was the art of warfare. Only 2 years after Noel died and Jakob took over, the Calradic Emperor Arenicos died without appointing an heir. The wife of the late emperor claimed the throne for herself, the senate chose one of its members as the next emperor, and the army chose the hero of warfare Garios. Being a warrior people, it was only natural for the Hessians to support Garios in his cause. Now is the time for the Hessians to re-unite the Empire under the leadership of the great Garios.


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