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De Eerste Infanterie van Nassau [1steIvN]

The 1steIvN was founded in 2016 as the biggest Dutch speaking regiment for NW, since then we've also established an international company. We're planning on doing Bannerlord events aswell as soon as the game releases.

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[1steIvN] Polskabeer
Nou nou, lekker Bannerlord spelen in de isolatie :smile:
[1steIvN] Polskabeer
Nog maar 4 daagjes :smile:
[1steIvN] Robbin
Get your panties ready boys, Bannerlord is getting closer and closer!
[1steIvN] Robbin
Bannerlord is getting closer!
Women fight with swords!, Men fight with CANNON!!!
ghello my frends
[1steIvN] Robbin
Welcome each and everyone of you!
[1steIvN] Polskabeer
It's almost harvesting season!
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