Company of the Golden Lions

We are a competitive yet a casual community that prides itself in melee skills. We offer four companies, Infantry (Shield Wall), Guard (Elite Melee'rs), Light Infantry (Ranged Skirmishers), and Cavalry!

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The Company of the Golden Lions are Recruiting!

The Company of the Golden Lions (GLC) is recruiting in Mount and Blade II Bannerlord! We are a new clan and there is tons of room to grow. The GLC are a melee skill based clan that offers a Infantry, Guard, Skirmisher, and Cavalry company. All the leadership come from a group of the best melee personnel from Holdfast: Nations at War. We are excited to get into Bannerlord and meet this incredible community.

If you decide to become a member you will have access to some of the best melee'rs in the community. We offer multiple events throughout the week being either internal skirmishes, public games, or private events. To rise through the our ranks you'll have to improve your individual skills and attend a few events here and there. We realize everyone has a life and can't make every event so we are aware and encourage people to take care of themselves first! So if you are just a chill person or a competitive gamer there is something for every type of person in our community.

If you would like to join feel free to link up with us at !

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