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Join us and follow us on the path to becoming demigods! Like Achilles once. Like Hercules once. It's a long way to Olympus, but together, we'll climb it.

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- The Brotherhood of Semideus -

Semideus. This clan practically developed around seven years ago. Even then, most of us knew each other. ΣΕΜΙΔΕΥΣ(Semideus) is derived from Latin and means demigod. For example, Achilles, the greatest Greek fighter there ever was. Like Hercules, son of Jupiter and Alcmene. Or just like Cú Chulainn the Irish demigod. The Semideus have always had to fight for their fame. They rose from the ashes and became what they are now. That's how we're going to make it happen.

We fell many times but always got up again. Be a part of that resurrection. Be a part of the Brotherhood.


We do not have many requirements to join us.
  • What we definitely need is at least a good command of written and spoken English. At least good enough to communicate.
  • You need to be in the steam group and also in the discord. This is to have an overview and always know when and where an event takes place.
  • Humor of all kinds is allowed. So you have to understand fun!

We are all former Member of -

Persistent World:
House Stark (Robb),
House Lannister (Tav),
House Bolton (Weezy),
House Greyjoy (Weezy,
House Baratheon (Marton),
Kingdom of Denmark (Leech),
Kingdom of Jerusalem (Tav),
Kingdom of England (Marton)

Persistent Kingdom:
Duchy of Austria (Pharis),
Archduchy of Austria (Dust)

Napoleonic War's:
13te Heidelberger Garde (Haytham)

Honorary Clan:
House Roland (Zane)

Links to contact us directly
Steam Group

For further questions or membership requests you can add me to Steam,


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