22nd Battalion

The 22nd Battalion is a competitive European clan. Founded in 2009, over the years turned into a gaming community.

22nd Battalion

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The clan was founded in the earlier stages of beta testing in Warband, more precisely on the 28 October 2009. Over the years, we have grown into a community and our main goal is to have fun while teaming up and playing together, as well participating in organized matches.

The 22nd Battalion is known for its contribution to the Mount&Blade community since 2009, such as participating in early stages of Warband testing, many custom events hosted for the community on our servers, including 22nd_Siege (the first server to break 64 slots), to our Sunday formation event on the battle server and our contribution to the development of Mount&Musket mod, which eventually led to a standalone DLC, Napoleonic Wars, by our member Vincenzo.

22nd Battalion was also one of the most successful teams in Warband early competitive scene.

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