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Fate/ Throne of Heroes

Development and Discussion of Fate/ Throne of Heroes, a mod for Warband

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We are going Open Source.
While I continue this project, I whole-heartedly encourage the community to poke, prod, borrow, fix, read, modify and judge my module system to their heart's content.

Keep in mind we are many years deep into this project, and not everything will work out of the box without lots of set up. I may not remember how the setup was performed, but I will help guide you when I can.

All I ask is for usage is a blanket thank you in your credits, and a comment next to blocks on my code stating the origins so others may credit me in the future.
Thank you for this amazing contribution!
Hola, veo que tienes un gran. Proyecto y quisiera ayuda, pero de momento no puedo porque apenas voy a empezar a aprender sobre moding, quisiera hablar al privado con vos por Whatsapp, espero estés disponible
All the scenes I am going to contribute to the mod will automatically be OSP as well.
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