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Diplomacy is a strategic board game. It's a mix of tactical war game and intrigue with negotiation phases and the absence of dice and other game elements that produce random effects.

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Eärendil Ardamírë
Spring 1901, Movements

Movement orders:

Autria (no orders have been given) (@UrarakaKire ):
Army Vienna Hold
Army Budapest Hold
Fleet Trieste Hold

England (@Antonis ):
Army Liverpool to Wales
Fleet London to English Channel
Fleet Edinburgh to Northsea

France (@Moose! ):
Army Paris to Burgundy
Army Marseilles to Spain
Fleet Brest to Mid-Atlantic Ocean

Germany (@Flavius Aetius ):
Army Munich to Ruhr
Fleet Kiel to Holland
Army Berlin to Kiel

Italy (@Piney456 ):
Fleet Naples to Ionian Sea
Army Rome to Tuscany
Army Venice Hold

Russia (@Xardob ):
Fleet Sevastopol to Black Sea (not successful due to Fleet Ankara to Black Sea)
Fleet St. Petersburg (south cost) to Gulf of Bothnia
Army Moscow to Ukraine
Army Warsaw to Galicia

Turkey (@BenKenobi ):
Fleet Ankara to Black Sea (not successful due to Fleet Sevastopol to Black Sea)
Army Constantinople to Bulgaria
Army Smyrna to Constantinople

Map with movements:

A Retreat Phase is not necesary. Map after movements:
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