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1.1 Download link and information. *Bug-fix for 1.1 is up*
« on: November 20, 2008, 03:03:04 PM »

Britain 1297 1.1 Download

And a small bug-fix to sort out the axe and South-West of England map problem :-

And another bug-fix to sort out the Cork problem -

For the bug-fix simply copy and paste the .txt files inside into your Britain 1297 module folder. You may have to start a new game for the changes to take affect.

This mod aims to convert Calradia into late 13th Century Britain, not long after the war between Scotland and England, which would last until 1328, started. The mod is not 100% historically accurate as certain features being less accurate make the mod more fun, however a lot of the mod, with the help of Lucius, includes historically accurate features.

NOTE: At the moment the mod is very much just a re-skin of Native, the dialogues are yet to be changed and there's a couple of script bugs. If this is something that'd bother you then you're best off waiting for version 1.1 which will be coming shortly.

Team :-

Lucius - Planning, helping with accuracy.

Credits :-

Talak's Unique Armoury.
Luigi's OSP weapons.
Dindi and anyone else responsible for the OSP helmets.
pentagathus - Help with scripting.
GetAssista - Helped me out with my module_dev' threads on numerous occasions.

Looking for :-

Scripter - I've been doing the scripting up till now, however my knowledge is very basic therefore if someone who's got a bit more experience of scripting wants to help out, let me know as it'd mean I could concentrate on new items and such.

Scene editor - Not desperately needed but would be useful.

1.0 Features

~ A new map of the British isles.
~ Many new models.
~ Many re-textures to convert Calradia into Britain.
~ Historical lords, troops, cities and castles.
~ Five factions :-
English Army (situated in Ireland and Wales.)
Independent Wales
Gaelic Ireland
~ The diplomatic status of the factions set up a 3 v 2 situation. ( England & English army will be at war with each faction while the rest are at peace). However, this is not permanent to allow change and more options for the player.
~ Emphasis on archery. The amount, the quality and use of archers you have can now determine battles of any size.
~ New quick battles scenario's.
~ Numerous tweaks so it's easier to get and maintain a larger army. However, the NPC's also have larger armies also.
~ Changes to the dialogue to suit the setting.
~ Permanent war between England and Scotland.

You may wish to alter the mod to suit your preference with some tweaks or graphic enhancements, if so, I recommended using these :-

Zaro's Graphical Enhancement 2.5
TheMageLord's 78 gameplay tweaks 
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