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Manuel Du Bon Artilleur - Editio Prima
« on: May 31, 2019, 05:47:51 PM »

this is the first time i write outside The Forge, i don't know well where to post this so i do here, on NW DLC's board.
I wanted to share my thoughts about NW's Artillery.
I write after many, hundreds of hours playing as Artillerist, and felt somehow compelled to report on it.

I've been playing around with NW after a long break, and since most of players suck at artillery shooting, let me give you some advices on how to handle NW Artillery better;

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There'd be some other advices to tell, but in my opinion these are the best ones to know. Please read my latest 3D Art post, may it serve as suggestion for you server-owners and administrators!,20178.msg9116750.html#new

God fights on the side with the best artillery - Napoleon
Cannons win battles - Napoleon
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