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Herishey's NW Maps
« on: October 18, 2018, 09:30:40 AM »

I put this on FSE ages ago but I guess it's worth putting here too for people; Before I quit the game fully I decided I'd put any of my maps that I was able to still find on here for anyone to use, just give me credits on the thread for the server or post here saying that you are using them, or both! I won't be making anymore maps so please don't ask me. They're not amazing but I'm sure someone will have a use for them. Some of them you will have seen on servers such as 14e_Groupfight and FG_Groupfighting, but as these servers are dead now they're free for use. There is an issue with Groupfighting Map 6 that people can get out of the arena and spawns are also bugged, I may get it fixed if I can be bothered.

P.S Some of these links maybe wrong as I got mixed up at one point so if there are any issues please tell me, and if you get a screenshot of the 3rd tournament map I'd appreciate it for the preview, thanks.

These maps are all for NW.

Groupfighting Maps

(click to show/hide)

Tournament Maps

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