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[BladeCast] Teams Showcase (2/5)
« on: August 23, 2018, 03:58:47 PM »

Team Showcases (2/5)

BladeCastTV is proud to present the BladeCast Masters, our debut into tournament hosting for Mount & Blade: Warband! This may be BladeCastTV's first tournament as a team, but many of our staff members are experienced tourney admins with multiple tournaments under their belts. With our combined knowledge and expertise, and the support of our gracious sponsors, our mission is to provide the best tournament experience to you, the Mount & Blade: Warband community. Without you, this event wouldn't be possible! We want to take a moment to shine the spotlight on the teams that will be fighting it out for their chance at glory.

The tournament will be divided in two phases, starting with the qualifiers. Four top teams will fight their way to the second and more prestigious stage, the Main Event, where they will then face off against the four invited elite teams. These four teams, Frontline Tactics, KROWA, Unity and Aequalitas have already received detailed previews which you can check here. In this article, we'll be focusing on the twenty teams which have already started battling head to head in the qualifiers. Each article will focus on one team from each group, presenting them in detail and covering their current progress within the tournament.

Red Division
Blue Division

Group I

Serious Warband
Rising Rivals
House Forrester
Lost in Lidl

Group II

Fallen Pride
Inversed Brains
The Flaming Fist
Unity Academy
Polish Eagles

Group I

Knights of Malta
Fallen Pride 2
Highest Virtue
The Senate

Group II

The Cacahuète  Brotherhood
Back 2 Main Menu
Polska Sila
Friendship Ends Gardaşlık Never

Today, we present you our second showcase of a series of five, continuing with House Forrester, Inversed Brains, Knights of Malta & Polska Sila.

House Forrester



Team Summary

House Forrester is a Russian team from the modification Persistent World that decided to try competing in Native. Led by Cray-Z, only half of their line-up had any experience with the competitive scene before joining the tournament which certainly placed them among the underdogs in their group. Unfortunately, the team had several roster issues which led them to forfeit two out of three matches thus far, with a huge question mark remaining on their last one against Lost in Lidl. Even when they actually got to play one, they suffered a heavy loss against their fellow countrymen from Hawkband. It goes without saying that the first appearance for a team in the competitive scene can sometimes be a bit chaotic. Nonetheless, we hope House Forrester will be able to complete their last match and use this tournament as an opportunity to get their footing for future competitions.

Inversed Brains



Team Summary

Inversed Brains is a team which almost never saw the light of day. Created by saboOo for the BladeCast Masters, it was initially composed of players such as Airelhach, Mynes, Flawin, Tomayus and Samu who eventually ended up making their own team shortly after - Blackened - which we'll come to mention more deeply in a future showcase. Losing a huge part of his roster and many experienced members, saboOo still decided to stick with his project and managed to find several valuable replacements to fill the gaps and complete his line-up. Built around a core of former FTW members, Inversed Brains certainly has the potential to shake things up in the second group of Red Division. Sigmar will pair up with LordMetzger to form the two main rangers of the team. Inversed Brains can also count on a group of solid and experienced cavalry players formed by Mace, HollyWarrior, R and Swap. However, it is certainly the infantry core of Inversed Brains which shines the most: sabo0o, Soul, shin and SPONGE bringing to the team synergy as much as huge firepower.
With such a team, Inversed Brain should be feeling pretty confident going into most of their match-ups. Their encounter with The Flaming Fist should give a good idea of what the team is capable of, as their victory against Fallen Pride was a match expected to go their way. Eventually, their hardest challenge will remain the Polish Eagles who appear as the clear favourite of their group and have assembled a threatening squad. But the potential is definitely there for Inversed Brains and it is yet to be seen if they can turn into an actual force capable of an upset.

Knights of Malta



Team Summary

Coming into the BladeCast Masters Qualifiers with a lot to prove is Knights of Malta. The name should be familiar for the oldest players as the team has been around since the early days of the competitive scene; their most notable trophy being first place achieved during the first edition of the European Challenge League in 2015. Since then, the team has changed quite a lot and some of their former players can now be seen in Aequalitas, among others. The new squad lead by bullez is mostly a combination of old Saracens and Malta players with a few additions to fill the gaps. The majority of their players have been playing together for quite some time and could be seen at recent tournaments such as the WNL6, WBL or WSC2 where they systematically achieved unexpected but admirable results, such as giving Frontline Tactics a real run for their money during the second round of the Warband Blitz League. Unfortunately, they also came up short twice against Aequalitas and couldn't make it past the Quarter Finals on these two occasions. If bullez is the actual leader of the team for this particular edition of the BCM, Vincent still acts as the head representative of Malta and despite not being able to figure on the in-game roster for activity reasons, he still remains an important part of the team, helping at organizing matches and inspiring the team with Malta's essence.  Initially composed of Janczar, Angrynerd, and bullez, their infantry roster had to slightly evolve. Hrod was brought in and it will be interesting to see how well he can fit in this current line-up. However, Malta can rely on a group of very deadly cavalry players with Carpediem - former leader of many successful teams including the national Polish team - Normanguy, Haakon and Flawin. Their two main rangers spots will be filled by Habrak, who has proven more than his worth during the last Nations Cup and Triari, a former veteran of the Guard of Istiniar. These two will likely represent some of the greatest threats among Malta's roster. In Vincent's own words, Malta is eager to show the community what they capable of and while they look forward to performing as good as possible, they also acknowledge that having fun and enjoying being successful as a team is a key part to keep a positive atmosphere among their ranks. Malta intends to be a team which sticks around in the long-term and--as proven during their last participation in major tournaments--they seem to be cementing the perfect base to able to move upward and become a real contender. The team is yet to play a match in the qualifiers but it is unlikely they will struggle much against Fallen Pride 2, Blackkingdoms or The Senate. However, one match which definitely promises to be interesting is their encounter with Highest Virtue, who has been performing rather well so far and defihasly have the potential to make things difficult for Malta.

Polska Sila



Team Summary

Lead by Krzyzak and Kamillo, Polska Siła is the last team presented in this showcase. Placed in the second group of Blue Division, they are mostly a gathering of former Polish Eagles, Saracens or Wolves Clan members with the exception of Serthas, the only non-Polish speaker of the team. Most of their players took part in the first edition of the Warband Native League or European Native League but have taken a long break since then and have only recently returned to the game, so a little rust is to be expected. Regardless, their deep knowledge of the game sets them apart from rookie teams. Usually in the rank-and-file of his previous teams, Michal decided to step into a leadership role, and as cavalry, he will be joined by Serthas and Pitbull. Tomato, Kredensik, Kamillo and Slepper will be the four main infantry players of Polska Siła while Shav, Jurdas and Aharo will be completing the rest of the line-up as rangers, with Aharo able to play as infantry if needed. Obviously, reaching the main event would have been a huge achievement for them but unfortunately their loss against Blackened -considered as the favourite of their group -makes it unlikely. Netherveless, all of their other matches are less daunting, as proven with their clear victory against The Cacahuète Brotherhood. If they can learn from their match against Blackened and capitalize on the momentum from their victory earlier last week, then they could definitely claim second place in their group. This won't qualify them for the main event, but it remains a respectable achievement for a group of veterans who only started playing the game again a couple of weeks ago.

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Re: [BladeCast] Teams Showcase (2/5)
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Continue please.


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Re: [BladeCast] Teams Showcase (2/5)
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good job  :party: :party: :party:


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Re: [BladeCast] Teams Showcase (2/5)
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pretty accurate


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Re: [BladeCast] Teams Showcase (2/5)
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Well done Tardet  :)


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Re: [BladeCast] Teams Showcase (2/5)
« Reply #5 on: August 24, 2018, 01:58:26 PM »
Great read again, real nice job.

Looking forward to the next one.
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