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Multiplayer Community Info, Tools, Streams, and VoIP
« on: August 02, 2018, 12:43:38 PM »
imemine for the Server Overview, Stats, Banners, and Signatures, Admin Modules, Anti-Cheat for Public Servers, and Discord Bots sections
Dyktator for compiling the Information, Streaming, Servers, and Community Pages sections (original)
MaHuD for the Public TeamSpeak 3 server (original)

Multiplayer Community Tools

Server Overview

Warband Server List
by horns
BladeCast Server Monitor
by Rosslington

Server Stats Banners and Signatures

Servermonitor by Gotha
M&B Warband Server Banner Generetor by Hadrian

Admin Modules

Adimi Tools by Gotha

Anti-Cheat for Public Servers

MB Anti Cheat by _Sebastian_

Discord Bots

BladeCast Discord Bot by Wolflo

If you know any other useful tools for the community feel free to post them below or send a PM to a moderator of this board.


Warband Competitive Cards,343103.msg8198620.html#msg8198620

Nations Cup - Statistics,332563.0.html

Main EU Torunaments - statistics,337559.msg8011759.html#msg8011759

Polish Cup 2010-2015,332488.0.html

NA Tourney Stats,337638.msg8013907.html#msg8013907

"Unsung Heroes",339076.0.html

Cards "Polish Cup 2015",335390.0.html

Competitive Mount & Blade,323623.0.html

Top 5 Greatest Warband Matches,332013.0.html

Warband Matchmaking,381157.0.html




Warband Battlestream,224252.msg5379570.html#msg5379570

Volcom's Stream,314721.0.html

Rouxi's Afternoon Streams,276447.0.html

Chan1254 Streaming,326920.msg7720909.html#msg7720909

Llurendt's Warband Streams,340227.0.html


The Ludus,281525.0.html

Aeterna Hungergames,329237.msg7779892.html#msg7779892

The Wolfpack servers thread,270190.msg6464026.html#msg6464026

Calradian Servers,354715.0.html

ZHG and ZHG TDM server thread,234896.msg5619664.html#msg5619664

EU_CTF Server,331260.msg7828761.html#msg7828761

Community Pages

Mount & Blade SubReddit

Mount & Blade Discord

PUBLIC TEAMSPEAK 3 Server - Battlegrounds Europe


Server slots = 150

What it's meant for?

The Battlegrounds server is public. This means you can choose to join the Battlegrounds game servers rooms or create your own channel for any other server/game, you can speak english in the international zones or find a language room that fits your needs.
You can meet new but also experienced players. Clan members and casual gamers often play together.


a) Any screamer/"child" <-- intended as behaviour /spammer will be kicked/banned. No music, if not in the dedicated corner. The common sense is to keep a bit of order. Most active users get channel admins, special server ranks, custom icons.
If you have any request or critic i'm avaible to talk!

b) Please join (or create) the appropriate room for the server/game/clan/language you're playing on/with, don't use the channels randomly. This way the joiner can see the existing and populated rooms and decide where to go.

Founder: Benedict
Hosted by: Barny
Previously hosted by: Spanky

Format on how to request extra sub-channels for your clan channel:
Code: [Select]
[b]Channel Name[/b]
[b]Current number of sub-channels:[/b]
[b]Desired number of sub-channels:[/b]
[b]Why should we allow you to have more sub-channels?[/b]

Format on how to request for an unban

Code: [Select]
[b]Name under which you were banned:[/b]
[b]Reason that you were banned for:[/b]
[b]Time / Date that you were banned:[/b]
[b]Why should we unban you?[/b]

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Re: Multiplayer Community Info, Tools, Streams, and VoIP
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2019, 10:23:16 AM »
Is there such an addon so that you can see the nicknames of your players during the match?