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[SL2] Map Information
« on: October 09, 2017, 06:49:27 PM »

Map Information

The following is the map pool for SL 2. We will have 11 maps for this tournament. Below you can see the overview pictures of the maps with their respective Master of the Field (MoF) and Spawn locations.
Thanks to all the map makers for designing the maps also thanks to Erminas for the format.

SL Maps

Verloren » Azan
(click to show/hide)

San'di'boush » Captain Lust
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Fort of Honour » Sphere
(click to show/hide)

Legacy Town » Zaffa
(click to show/hide)

Mountain Fortress » Thunderon
(click to show/hide)

Naval Outpost » Firunien
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Steppe Village » Mitchell
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Castellum » Mitchell
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Frosthaven » Azan
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Reveran Village » Arch3r
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River Village » Reggae
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