Author Topic: [VC][Add-On]D'ya Like Dags? - Viking Conquest Dog Companion Special Attacks  (Read 3786 times)

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Can I hire the BOAR-companion? It seems more effective than dogs... The boar herd crushing through the enemy's shield-wall gonna be a hell of the show :twisted:


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1. My changes only affect the dog companion. Nothing else. The extra files are the animation files. If there are submods that make changes to scripts.txt and/or animations.txt, then it will overwrite those.
2. Venison is the name of the item in the module files. They are actually "Boar Meat" in-game.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for answering!
So if I were to add any other submods that overwrite the same files, it gets ucky. All right.
Aahh, boar meat! :D

That boar rush would indeed be a show.