Author Topic: Psuedo-tabletop forum game based on Mount&Blade:Warband (Calradia Quest)  (Read 477 times)

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I'm running a play-by-post psuedo-tabletop game based on Mount&Blade:Warband over in spacebattles forums, if anyone is interested in reading or participating.


I also welcome constructive criticism.
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If you loot all the other villages in the game, yours by definition will at least be average :wink:
But long bows tend not to be easily concealed, like hand guns or knives. And they're terrible for drive-bys


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It is a quite interesting way of doing it too.
And certainly quite active.
I personally enjoy participating in it, it is filled with subtle clues and warnings, and surprisingly well written too.

Arcyboo xoxo <3333

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I agree, definitely one of the best forum games I've been in!