Author Topic: [Submod] Blood Eagle-A Viking Conquest overhaul (released 3.0)  (Read 14059 times)

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Re: [Submod] Blood Eagle-A Viking Conquest overhaul (released 2.1)
« Reply #30 on: December 08, 2016, 04:44:04 PM »
Managed to tweak out the 757 days issue, not too hard afterall.

In addition to the above point about troop trees, I also think you may have gone a bit far in nerfing some of the unique gear. Orm's armour, for example, is just horrifically bad, not even close to par with normal armour sets. 32 defense on a set of heavy armour is just unusable considering the stat loss imposed. The unique swords are also entirely unremarkable now, and pretty much outclassed by piercing axes. Not sure if they could use a hand or not.

That's great man, glad you were able to tweak it!

As for the unique stuff, I just had a really big problem with how early in the game you could get orm's lorica. Great looking armor and stuff, but it's seriously OP for the time you get it. I mean, you can just abuse javelins+spears at orm to kill him and get his lorica which will last you the entire story.

I will buff it a bit in a later update, but I wouldn't expect anything past 45. I'm going to buff the unique swords and stuff a little bit, but I felt the same way about them. Waaay to easy to get if you know how to fight the AI in WB. And the weapons you got from unique smiths felt terrible compared to the free uniques. They will get a buff, but not anything to serious.

Some axes will also get a slight nerf to pierce. It won't be anything to serious, because only higher level units carry piercing axes.