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[NC2016] Awards, Thoughts and Thanks
« on: March 18, 2016, 05:14:37 PM »


This thread marks the end of the seventh Nations Cup, the longest standing tournament in competitive Mount & Blade Warband.

First of all, a very large (figuratively and literally), well deserved congratulations to our medal winners![/center]

Now a word about the teams,

This competition has seen no team more consistent than that of our winners this year. This is their sixth Nations Cup medal and first overall victory. As the home-nation of Warband and a powerhouse of the clan scene over the years with RN, Union, SoE/F and more, conquering the Nations Cup has always been a matter of pride for Turkey. It is, then, fitting that Rayden, who captained the Turks to their best previous finish (2nd in 2013), should be at the helm for their first triumph. As a leader and player, Rayden has been prolific since the early days of the game however his appearances in the Nations Cup have been separated by absences resulting from internal conflicts in the Turkish community. In the last few years he has established himself, in the eyes of many, as one of the greatest ranged players of all time and has been consistently devastating for his opponents in the Nations Cup 2016, attaining 63 kills across the 6 matches he played - 8th highest in the competition.

What Turkey represent is an effective and flexible fighting force of versatile and experienced players. With one of the smallest rosters, almost all players were required to play multiple classes and to do so at a world-class level is no mean feat. All the names of the players are listed above but obviously, other than Rayden, special mentions must go to:

Menethil - Known throughout the scene as a lethal ranged and infantry player, 6th most kills (66) in the competition. The Menethil-Kick is real and terrifying.
Sir_Arthur - This year's Golden Sword winner, with a whopping 92 kills and an exceptionally gifted horseman.
Khefren - Scoring 62 kills with one handers and tieing Menethil with 66 overall.

In the past, Turkey have been accused of training too hard and burning out early on in the Nations Cup. This year, their shock loss to Finland in the group stage tells a different story. However, the display of strength that Turkey have shown since then, giving us possibly the most one-sided NC Final ever, has been incredible. They have raised themselves head and shoulders above the rest and proven their absolute superiority this year. Well done and well deserved.

It is unfortunate that so soon after their victory, yet another tragedy was suffered in Turkish capital of Ankara. These inhumane attacks send terrible shock-waves of despair throughout the country and a thought should be spared for those affected.

Belgium & Netherlands
The historic alliance between these two countries has taken a transformation in the previous two years; going from group stage knockouts to two consecutive Nations Cup second place finishes is a transformation beyond any other. This is of course in no small part down to star players (take your pick) but what must be mentioned is the team spirit present in this side. Those in the BeNe team often refer to how close they are as friends and of course, we can all see this reflected in the videos they share, as well as the (in)famous Allejoppa.

While they didn't look too strong in the final, roundly trounced by Turkey, whom they knocked out in last year's semis, BeNe still had a brilliant run and showed the world how capable these two tiny countries can be.

United Kingdom
Probably the team that has showed the most steady improvement, throughout the years, of any. From humble beginnings to a consistent semi finalist, three years running, the UK have really established themselves as a great Warbanding nation. While many of their squad members are draped in gold from clan competitions, this wasn't the year for UK to take home the Nations Cup. A narrow loss to BeNe leaves them with a deserved bronze medal, which is a fine achievement nonetheless.

Another word about those who continued,

This year was the first time we ran the Nations Cup B. This was designed to give knockout teams a chance to continue playing Warband and have a good time, as a response to requests from players. It seems a no-brainer now and while not all of those knocked out in the group stage participated, seemed to be a success.

Congratulations to NC B:

1st - Sweden
2nd - Austria & Switzerland
3rd - Norway & Denmark

A word from myself,

Brilliant as they are, this would not be a Nations Cup without everyone who participated. No team failed to get a single round, and most of you managed to get at least one kill! So great going all, round.

As mentioned, this is the seventh Nations Cup event, since the first in 2010. This is my second as an admin (the other was 2011) but I have participated in every single NC so far, in some form, whether as a player, captain, admin or streamer and it has consistently proved itself to be a great event for bringing the community together. Every year, players are forced to break free from their clan allegiances, meet new people, learn to play and communicate with them and it always proves to be a success in the end.

I could talk about how it is a testament to the game and the community, that we still put on events like this and how active the game still is after all these years, but I really don't see the need. What I see is a competitive scene that knows itself very well. We are no longer surprised at our activity and we do not need to be. Competitive Warband offers something which no other game can; it continues to bring us back year-after-year, and each time we look forward to the next. Some of the squads have barely lost a member since last NC and while there are new faces, some of them making a very strong mark indeed, kicking off the competitive year with the NC and feeling the permanence of those old stars is a great reminder of the scene's history.

We can now look forward to what the rest of the year has in store for competitive Warband. I plan to continue streaming but I'm pleased to see that the level of activity barely made that possible this tournament. For the first time, we see streamers almost fighting over matches to cover and the quality is continuing to improve as well. As always, my role will be to help the competitive scene in whichever way I feel best. A lot of you are making remarks on the forums and on streams about Bannerlord. Rest assured, I will be here to make sure that when we transition, we do it right. It is of course going to be a massive change with a tonne of long term benefits but please understand, you only need worry about it when I tell you (not yet!). For now, the best thing we can do is to keep enjoying Warband and keep improving the quality of tournaments, streams, level of play and professionalism of teams. As far as I'm concerned, we're well on the right track!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed this Nations Cup, whether as a player or spectator.


Frank / Lust

Many thanks to the many who made this competition what it was,

Thanks first to all of my fellow admins. This is the largest team I have ever been a part of working with and my god, does it make things a lot easier! Every admin has put in a great deal of work to make this one of the best ran tournaments in the scene's history. Here they all are:

Aeronwen - In addition to scrutinising and maintaining the rules, livestream, bans and announcement threads, she is the one coordinating the rest of us admins and reminding everyone of all their tasks, keeping the administrative machine churning.
Deacon - Probably the most prolific tournament administrator in the history of the scene. His expert knowledge of the game, and understanding of the community, make him invaluable in any administrative roster, when making decisions. He also took care of the pick nights, which have become a staple of competitive Warband.
Dyktator - Master of cards and keeper of old tomes. He has done a lot of work keeping threads up to date and his experience with the game, combined with his cool, rational head have been great during this NC.
Erminas - Taking his wealth of experience with the Weekend Cups, now taking part in the more major tournaments, he did a massive amount of work updating threads, preparing fixture graphics and overseeing work.
Fabio - Almost every single match in this competition had a referee and benefited greatly for it. No tournament goes of without any hitch but this NC went pretty smoothly and Fabio was the man who arranged the referee schedules (thanks for the referees themselves below).
Harman - For developing a proper automated system to handle ID checking, making sure teams are playing fair, this really saved a lot of time and made the team more efficient. As the only player with two NC titles, he is also unmatched when it comes to experience in the competition.
Scar - Legendary admin and player, who has also taken BBCode design to the next level. In addition to designing all the threads, he also created the ruleset with the same flair that always results in excellent content with brilliant presentation.

Thanks also to Calamity, who joined the team as a consultant, primarily to advise the team on issues relating to the NA team. I am confident they were well treated and as always, it was a pleasure to have them in the tournament. Calamity also contributed with many helpful suggestions and was generally supportive.

For the Nations Cup 2016 logo and winners medals, thanks very much to Chat Noir. I have already expressed my thoughts on the logo here and needlessly to say, it is wonderful to have such expertly designed graphics for the competition.

Thanks to all of the referees for keeping the tournament matches flowing so well and by the rules. This is always a tremendous help in the NC, where there are often inexperienced leaders or different factors to consider.

Airelhach - 1
Bauglir - 1
Gasset - 2
Galahad - 1
John Bain - 2
Raven - 3
Robin - 4
Rome - 7
ReneKB - 1
Surkan - 2
Tardet - 3
Kiano - 2

Special mention to Rome for refereeing seven games!

A massive thank you to everyone who streamed. These live feeds are records for the ages and represent a grander advancement in the community. We really had overwhelming service this year, on the streaming front and the quality continues to raise. This is obviously something quite close to me personally, and I'm thrilled to see so many groups working to produce top quality Warband streams now. Can't wait to see it keep getting better in the future.

The channels that provided streams are listed here, along with the number of matches they covered:

Greedalicious - 9
DoF_tv - 4
Konstrush - 4
MB_tv - 4
Bladecast - 1

And to all the additional casters who joined them, as well, many thanks: Aeronwen, Erminas, Purzelblume, Raven, Piccolo, Aksamit, Watly, Kohath, Belendor, Thunderbeau, Fozzy, and Cleric

Thanks, of course, to our server providers. Without you, the tournament literally wouldn't be possible and obviously the Nations Cup creates some extra sensitive issues around servers as well. Overall, we had very few problems and a good, stable environment for this years brilliant matches.

TaleWorlds - 6
Captain Lust - 2
Defenders of Faith - 5
The Kingdom of Swadia - 3
Team Poland - 1
Sabo - 4

Special mention to Viglaf for being active in updating and maintaining the admin mod iterations at the start of the tournament.

Thanks to MnBComp for the great interviews and scores being pushed out onto social media (Aeronwen, LeRoux, OGL) and graphics provided by Chat Noir and Kohath. Also to guest interviewer, Greed.

For the entertaining, insightful and interesting stats, thanks very much to Yami and Harman.

The master of cards has dealt again; thanks to Dyktator for shuffling the NC2016 into his deck.

Match previews are alive and well this year! Thanks to Varangian, Viktor, Tardet, Robin, Greed and Rayden for their contributions.

Many thanks to Sjaeles for running an excellent betting thread for the competition and congratulations, Pendragon for winning it!

The video competition, at the start of the tournament, was an early highlight for many and really helped to set the the mood this year. Thanks to Osiris for running it and to aD_RaGe, Belendor, Duken, LeRoux, M and Shoxi for their outstanding entries.

Thanks to everyone who posted and made suggestions on the forums and across social media, as well as everyone who tuned into the streams, creating the NC buzz that brings the tournament to life!

Once again, thanks to every single player who took part. Even if your team didn't do well or you weren't happy with your personal performance, the essence of competition is in the players. Well done for taking part in this historic event. Special mention for the Irish team, taking part for the first time.

All players Nations Cup 2016, list:

(click to show/hide)

- fin -
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Re: [NC2016] Awards, Thoughts and Thanks
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2016, 05:34:13 PM »
An excellent event, lead by an extremly competent admin team, which saw fighting the best players of our scene, providing many unforgettable moments.

As a french player's perpective, it was my first participation ever in a Nation Cup and we had some wonderful moments together, the turning point being able to defeat Russia over all expectations. If we felt short against Turkey and couldn't make it to fight United Kingdom, it was a very special tournament and I'm glad having been given the opportunity playing alongside such great names. I do hope we'll be able to work on what did work to come back even stronger for the next edition. Beau boulot messieurs.

A big congratulations to Turkey, you guys deserve it after all those years, and a big respect to the BeNe team which has once again showed how many talentous they had within their ranks. Sorry UK for not having being able to give you a good match for the 3rd place, but I feel you guys deserve it more than we do. May this bronze medal give you the motivation to get the gold next time.

Thanks to all the people which have been involved in this tournament and made it a huge, professional, and enjoyable event for all of us. Special mention to the whole admin team for their outstanding work, nearly no drama expect the one with the American Team which you handled perfectly by making the right choice and proving you listen to community opinions and care about them. I think we're all thankfull for that.

As a friend of mine told me recently, we're ready to take this baby to next level.
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Re: [NC2016] Awards, Thoughts and Thanks
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2016, 05:43:30 PM »
woot woot


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Re: [NC2016] Awards, Thoughts and Thanks
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2016, 05:52:36 PM »
One of my favorite NCs in years, thank you to all who helped create it and manage it :)

And of course congrats to Turkey  :party:
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Re: [NC2016] Awards, Thoughts and Thanks
« Reply #4 on: March 18, 2016, 05:53:43 PM »
Lust wrote everything what should be said. From myself, I just wanted to thank to the NC16 admin team, so far the best I have had an opportunity to work with. You were amazing. All of you.

And congratulations to the new champions :)

(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)

Soon I'll add some stats.


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Re: [NC2016] Awards, Thoughts and Thanks
« Reply #5 on: March 18, 2016, 06:18:18 PM »
Thanks to everyone involved, from graphic artist to referee, from server sponsor and streamers to my fellow administrators who all worked harder and more than me, without you this tournament wouldn't have such a success. I hope everyone who played this year had a blast, congratulations once again to Turkey, Belgium & Netherlands and the United Kingdom.


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Re: [NC2016] Awards, Thoughts and Thanks
« Reply #6 on: March 18, 2016, 07:00:41 PM »
Free ride fietta  :shifty: new nicknam!


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Re: [NC2016] Awards, Thoughts and Thanks
« Reply #7 on: March 18, 2016, 07:12:24 PM »
Thanks to all admins, referees and who gave any efforts to make it such a competitive tournament. First of all thanks to my Turkish team for making the tournament and matches much more funny, and thanks to all other teams and players involved. Hope you see you again on a much more competitive and professional Nations Cup! Nothing giving the feeling to represent your country and nation, if you think you done well at the end, this is priceless, thanks again to everybody who makes it good.

Stay calm, and keep training for the next one  :party:


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Re: [NC2016] Awards, Thoughts and Thanks
« Reply #8 on: March 18, 2016, 07:28:36 PM »
Thank you for the great tourney as always! I had a good run with Finland and this was definitely one of the best NCs I've participated in thus far
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Re: [NC2016] Awards, Thoughts and Thanks
« Reply #9 on: March 18, 2016, 07:49:06 PM »
Congrats again to Turkey , they beat some awesome teams to take the top spot.
Remember to read Rayden’s post Final analysis here

Really nice post Captain Lust, which said all I wanted to say.  It was a pleasure to work with this admin team, cannot praise them enough for all they have done.  We also had so many contributions from amazing members of the community, thanks to all who stepped up.  I was really happy to help anyone who wanted to contribute and had questions or needed proofreading, formatting etc.

I want to reiterate praise for Chat Noir's lovely graphics and extremely timely fashion in which they were delivered.

Thanks to all the teams and players who took part. Gratz to Bene and UK on their medals.  Gratz to the NCB medalists also, so pleased you had fun and wanted to continue the national matches.


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Re: [NC2016] Awards, Thoughts and Thanks
« Reply #10 on: March 18, 2016, 08:12:19 PM »
Great congrats post to close one of the Best NCs we have ever seen!

Thanks to all fellow admins for their contributions in their fields of expertise.
It was also amazing to see so many members of the community who dedicated their spare time to make this tournament interesting to both participants and viewers.
From amazing Chat Noir and her unforgettable NC16 logo and Medals to Stats Mistress Yami who together with Harman entertained us all with their statistics topic.
From match previews that were always well written and definitely worth reading to amazing streams brought by different twitch channels :party:

Thanks to every single member that played, watched or supported us throughout this NC.
It was pleasure to host it for you :wink:



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Re: [NC2016] Awards, Thoughts and Thanks
« Reply #11 on: March 18, 2016, 08:13:26 PM »
I want to congrulate my team firstly. We did a great job in the battlefield although we were struggling. Then I want to congrulate BeNe, UK and France for their amazing runs. They were all supectacular throughout the whole tournament.

I want to thank all the admins took part in the competiton to make it even better. Without them, we weren't be able to show the gig. I want to thank all the captains and players for doing their proud duties for their nations.

Thanks to all refrees and streamers. We had no problems (except a couple of ones caused by miscommunications) during the matches thanks to refrees and we were able to watch the matches thanks to the streamers. Special thanks to Greed for his hardwork on the streams.

Thanks to Yami and Harman for the stats tables. And thanks Tardet for the match previews and Sjaeles for the Betting Corner. Lastly thanks to the people who created these handsome artworks.

It was a great tournament.

It is unfortunate that so soon after their victory, yet another tragedy was suffered in Turkish capital of Ankara. These inhumane attacks send terrible shock-waves of despair throughout the country and a thought should be spared for those affected.
I'll take this on myself more than any other since I have lost an old friend of mine in the last car-bombing action in Sunday and some people I had chance to meet. Thanks Frank for reminding us that we shouldn't tolerate any kind of terrorism and racism in any phase of our lives, terorism doesn't only mean the explosions and the murders please dont forget this and don't let it happen.

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Re: [NC2016] Awards, Thoughts and Thanks
« Reply #12 on: March 18, 2016, 08:14:39 PM »
Finally, some good-looking awards! Looks classy.

And, congratulations to everyone! #remembertoday


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Re: [NC2016] Awards, Thoughts and Thanks
« Reply #13 on: March 18, 2016, 09:43:58 PM »
Well said. Great tournament once again this year - well done everybody.


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Re: [NC2016] Awards, Thoughts and Thanks
« Reply #14 on: March 18, 2016, 10:53:05 PM »
Nice Tourney, thanks to all those who had a part in hosting/organising it!
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