Author Topic: #2 Describe the noob above/how famous is the noob above!  (Read 9391 times)

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Re: #2 Describe the noob above/how famous is the noob above!
« Reply #30 on: April 24, 2018, 12:11:08 PM »
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Necroing threads huh ... *Watched*


He is the tyrannical, egotistical mod creator that is Vitallion. By day slaving his staff away to code for him, by night creating musical and artwork pieces around the Roman mods of MnB.
Only known him from Roman mods, but considering he made one is quite the feat this being MoR. Which has since died so many times and Vitallion, being the disgusting monster that he is, decided to pursue the ressurection of colder corpses such as MnG.
Playerbase side he has both lead and helped run a variety of legions and tribes but with them all either being downright terrible or meme groups that none are worth mentioning.
Lastly, figures like Caesar and JFK could learn a thing or two from Vitallion, considering this **** has survived multiple assassination attempts on himself.
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