Author Topic: map size, towns, villages, forts and in general more mayhem&destruction  (Read 834 times)

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I have read the More-Towns-Forts-Villages-thread and made a simple test, as People said, the map would be too small.
No, it is not.

How would I know?

Replaced the map with the native one and ended with the Apache-town up in Kerghit-Land and a mexican town Close to the former Location of Tihr.

Then I moved some of the Locations, as they were inaccessible and started a new game.
I do not know why, but:

parties were larger
the main nations were more active
overall more Action

Sadly, there were CTDs, so I restored the original 1866-map.

I ask for this:

TME does not show map-icons, except for forts and spawn-points.
Could one tell me where I have to point TME to, so they will be shown on the map, otherwise TME will not save any changes made and Hotels and Banks cannot be moved to their exact Locations inside the town-icons?

And is there a way to scale the town-icons down? They are, what makes the map seem small.



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