Author Topic: What made you happy today?  (Read 1083897 times)

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Re: What made you happy today?
« Reply #8970 on: November 26, 2019, 04:52:42 AM »
To see so many familar usernames still posting on this forum!
It's always nice to see folks returning to this place, too. Welcome back, dude. :)
Cold, the air and water flowing
Hard, the land we call our home
Push to keep the dark from coming
Feel the weight of what we owe
  This, the song of sons and daughters
  Hide the heart of who we are
  Making peace to build a future
  Strong united, working 'til we fall
  And we all lift
  And we're all adrift together, together
  Through the coldness
  'Til we're lifeless together, together