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- Royal Kintail Rifles [V1]
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- 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards [V2]
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- 53rd (Shropshire) Regiment of Foot


Hola folks!

Seeing as I have a fair amount of free time on my hands recently (and I've managed to work my head around how OpenBRF and work) I've decided to try my hand at some simple reskins. Most of these are just going to be slight colour changes to existing skins (as well as swapping in and out the occasional model, such as the tarleton) so don't expect anything grandiose. Still, it's my first try at skinning, so I'd really appreciate some C&C.

I won't be taking any requests for the time being, partly as I don't feel quite competent enough yet and I'd much rather focus on reskins that interest me. Still, I'm easily contactable through Steam, so if you ever need to get a hold of me message me on Joseph Graham.

Status Reports

Situational. Will be removed as progress is made.

Royal Kintail Rifles
To do list.
  • Re-colour the officer lace to dark blue/dark red.
  • Update the helmet plume to green.
  • Replace the rifleman pants with trews/kilts(?).
  • Work on weapon textures.

3rd Regiment of Foot Guards
To do list.
  • Replace weapon textures. - V3.
  • New shako plate. - V3.
  • Replace Marine Captain. - V3.
  • Alternative Stovepipe Shako - V3.
  • Updated screenshots (currently at V2) - V3.

I'll be updating the thread where necessary; current layout is on trial. Still, a big shout out to Jezza for allowing us to use his original thread design/components of!

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Re: Graham's Workshop [Newly Released - 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards]
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wow so foot very guard