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[NC2014] Rules & Regulations
« on: December 28, 2013, 04:16:54 PM »

You think you can have a break from ECS? Think again, because Nations Cup (2014) is back in town. This year we are planning on keeping the majority of the rules and using the mechanics of the 2013 tournament. However, we are making a few adjustments here and there. Up until the New Year's Day, and of course after, you can comment on/suggest regarding/like our rules and new additions. From 1st of January each nation will pick its captain and will be given the opportunity to begin practicing as a team. After this has been done, the doors to Nations Cup 2014 will open!

We are planning on keeping the tournament similar to European Championship Series in that it will be a knockout tournament with group stages to determine which teams participate in the knockout phase. More details are listed below so keep readin'!

Those who wish to be the captain of their nation's team may apply in Captaincy Applications (when opened on New Year's Day). Any disputes over captaincy should be settled internally, or if this is not possible a captain will be chosen by the admin team. Captains do not need to be the best player, the team's leader or such, their role is essentially administrative: picking the team; organising the team; arranging matches and handling disputes. This requires an active, sensible and ideally, well connected member. Once a captain has made a successful application, they may start a recruitment and information thread for their nation in the appropriate subforum, where people may apply to join the team. It is up to each nation how they recruit and whilst admins can be used to settle disputes; it would be preferable if each nation was able to deal with problems internally.

Admin Team
Folms|    Folms    Folms
Mr. X|    Mr. X    Mr. X
relaX|    relaX    relaXcz

Tournament Referees
Arkantos|    Arkantos    Arkantos
Arthasan|    Arthasan    Arthasan
Cybran|    Cybran    Cybran
Duken|    Duken    Duken
LeRoux|    LeRoux    LeRoux
Marda|    M.λrdλ    M.ArdA
Scar|    Scar    Scar
Swordyke|    Swordyke    Swordyke

Team Regulations
  • The signups open 1st of January. The deadline for team submissions is the 22nd of January. Applications to be your nation's captain may go Captaincy Applications.
  • Teams must be made up of players from one nation, where possible. In extenuating circumstances, where a nation is having trouble finding enough players, on it's own, the captain should approach an event admin about merging with another nation.
  • Each team should consist of a minimum of 10 players and without a maximum cap. Matches will be 8 vs 8.
  • Since this is a nations cup, and not a clan competition, teams should include members from different clans, or no clan at all as the case may be. In some cases, where the majority of players from a country are in the same clan, it's understandable that complying to this rule might not be possible. In which case, exceptions will be made, based on judgement.
  • Teams should be finalised by the submission deadline.
  • After the deadline, teams that wish to add players to their roster must do so using the Team Information thread. Nations are allowed to make as many additions to their roster as they like.
  • A captain's role is largely administrative: picking the team; organising the team; arranging matches and handling disputes. This requires an active, sensible and ideally, well connected member.
  • Players and their IDs should be added to a roster prior to playing a match.

Tournament Rules
  • We have decided to add the concept of refereeing to NC in order to minimizing the chances of the same incident repeating. Referees will be responsible for making sure that the matches go smoothly. They will be the only ones (including tournament admins) who will know the admin password to servers. They will be allocated a match to spectate (subject to their availability) where they will spectate an perform administrative duties to ensure that the match goes as smoothly as possible. If any problems occur, the referee will make a decision on his own. However, if he won't be able to he must consult one of the tournament admins. Teams must wait for a decision.
  • MB_TV will automatically receive an admin password to all servers. However, if you are a streamer (like Warband Battlestream) consult an admin.
  • Following country alliances are permitted in this tounament:
    • Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark)
    • BeNe (Nederlands & Belgium)
    • Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia)
    • Baltic (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
    • Austria and Switzeland
  • The Nations' Cup consists of a groupstage followed by a single elimination bracket with two teams (1st and 2nd) qualifying from each group.
  • The groups will be determinded during a Draw Night Special (as we had it during Nations Cup 2013). Teams competing will be put into different pots, depending on their seeding. A team from each pot will fill a group, meaning that teams will not be fighting the other teams in their pot until the knockout stage. The selection will be done using a random number generator and each selection will be announced individually. The order of proceedings will be in reverse, that is to say that we will begin with pot 4 and work our way upwards to pot 1.
  • To determine placements within the groups, the format will be round robin. This means that teams will fight everybody in their group.
  • As stated, after the group stage will be a single elimination bracket. This will be organised such that the 1st and 2nd teams from each group do not meet each other again until the final (provided they aren't knocked out).
  • The Winner of the final will be titled "Nations Cup 2014 Champions".
  • Factions and maps will be determined using a random number generator and they will all be selected in advance. Each fixtures will contain one open map and one closed map.
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Behaviour Rules
  • Players must be respectful and polite to their opponents. If teams repeatedly show a poor attitude and display rudeness they will be punished by the tournament admins.
  • Modifying any texture files in order to gain an advantage is strictly prohibited. Any player or team that is found to have modified textures in order to gain an advantage will immediately face severe punishment, likely a ban from the tournament, though the severity is up to the admins' discretion.
  • Players that attempt to utilise any kind of autoblock, aimbot or any other game modification that gives them an advantage will be immediately banned from the tournament.
  • Should admins receive repeated complains about a team wasting time, the team will be investigated and could face punishment. This includes waiting for lengthy times between sets and map swaps, being extremely difficult to schedule with and other problems.

Match Rules
  • Combat Speed: Medium, Friendly Fire %100, Round Time: 240 seconds, Game Type: Battle, Re-spawn time: 8 sec, Gold: All set to %100, Camera: team member’s view, forced MoF spawn on 2 minutes.
  • Every match will be 16 rounds long and will have 2 maps. For each map 8 rounds will be played. After 4 rounds, spawns and factions will be switched. Draws are not replayed.
  • Due to the nature of the tournament, matches may end in draws. Should the match be a draw after the final round has been played then a symmetrical map will be used. The setup will be the following:
    • Maps are Winterburg or Proving Grounds.
    • Two identical factions.
    • First to 3, no spawn change.
    • In case of home/away (i.e. USA vs UK) the map will be played on the away server and then the same set up will be played on a home server. The winner will be determined total won between total rounds won in both tie-breaker maps.
    • Rounds won/lost will not count on tiebraker maps.
  • All matches are eligible for live-streaming and recording. Streamers and Channels do not need to get permission in order to stream matches, though they should contact the relevant teams in advance of the match and notify them. If for whatever reason teams do not wish their match to be streamed or believe the stream to be unfair then they may contact an event admin for a decision.
  • All matches must be played on dedicated "NC_" servers. Make sure both teams agree to play on a particular server before booking the server.
  • Due to scheduling constraints and the paucity of servers, you have 15 minutes to gather your players on a server and begin the match. Teams are not obliged to wait more than 5 minutes between maps and 3 minutes between sets. If a team fails to turn up to the server 15 minutes after the scheduled match team then the team present may leave the server and be awarded a default win.
  • If a team wishes to claim a default win then they must do so as soon as possible. It is not acceptable to wait several hours or days. If your opponent fails to turn up after 15 minutes then you should immediately contact an admin via Steam or Taleworlds private message to let them know. Failure to do so jeopardises a teams right to a default win.
  • Team size is a minimum of 8 vs 8 but, if both teams agree, the player limit can be increased. Matches should not be played lower than 8 vs 8. A team that can only field 7 players must play the match, the other team is expected to continue with 8 players. Any team that fields 6 or less players will be penalised; if you go a full set of rounds (4 rounds) without the required number, you will be deducted 1 point (group stage only). If a team goes 2 full sets (8 rounds) with 6 or less players then the team must forfeit the match. However, this punishment will only take place given clear evidence (i.e: screenshots [note the plural], recording).
  • Substitutions are only allowed between each 4 rounds, i.e: Half way through the match. If a player crashes on game, substitutions can be done after the round has ended though this is limited to one substitution.
  • Servers outside of the EU may be permitted, for matches involving North America. For these teams, an event admin will be on hand to decide which servers are used, on a case by case basis. A potential match between a North American team and a Turkish or Russian team will likely have to take place on a server in France or at best the United Kingdom. It's doubly important in this case that teams make sure they have checked out the server they plan to use beforehand.
  • In the event of a home/away system being in place, the advised system to use is a 4-4-4-4 system; this would mean that a team plays four rounds on an away server as the map 'defenders' (second spawn), then plays four rounds on a home server as the map 'attackers' (first spawn), then plays four rounds on an away server as the next map's 'defenders' and finally plays five (or four) more rounds on a home server as the map's 'attackers'. If both teams agree, they may deviate from this system.
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