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Distorted/Corrupt/"Wrong" graphics or text
« on: June 11, 2006, 11:44:11 PM »
Blurred or distorted text in the main menu
Usually occurs on ATI cards. The problem appears to be caused by having the graphics settings on the card set to performance. To resolve this issue:

1. First ensure you have the latest drivers from the card manufacturer's website ( or
2. Right click on an empty part of the desktop. Select "properties"
3. You need to get into the actual card's own page. Usually this is via the advanced settings, depending on Windows version
4. On the page, ensure that all the seperate options are set to "Quality" or "Application Controlled"

 Another possible cause is the Texture Quality setting in the M&B options, specifically on ATI cards. Having the texture quality set to below maximum can cause distortion of the graphics and menu's. To resolve this, simply open the M&B configuration options from the splash screen, and set the texture quality to full (Don't worry, any ATI card can quite easily handle it :))

Blue coloured rocks, buildings etc
Affects certain cards, but is incredibly easy to resolve:

1. Open the rgl_config file in notepad, or go into the configure screen of Mount & Blade
2. In the config file, look for the no_dot3_bumpmap line and set it to 1. In the options, simply uncheck the box next to "use bump mapping"

Psychadelic colouring / flashing graphics
Generally this is caused by a card trying to use Direct X features which aren't supported on the hardware. To remedy this, enter the graphical options in the pre-game configuration screen and set the render to Direct X 7.

(click to show/hide)

General distorted graphics
99% of the time this kind of thing is down to outdated drivers. Make sure you download and install the latest driver from the card manufacturer. If that fails, try setting the render to Direct X 7 as above.
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