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Download Here!
« on: July 29, 2010, 08:20:30 AM »

Non-Spoiler Short Description (as of 1.5):

Enjoy huge battles with optimized code and content!
Huge improvements to the special effects and visuals!
Battle the skeleton hordes and the Dark Armies!
Cool class system that makes the entire game different.
Beautiful new scenery and a more immersive experience.
Awesome skills make your whole party stronger as you grow and learn how to play.
Regional Mercenaries add color and spice to the game.
Useful options to alter and deepen the gameplay.
Advanced tactical AI.
Cooler random battle scenes.
New and reworked sieges for every castle and town.
Better-looking landscapes and terrain.
Hundreds of new items.
Completely rebalanced faction armies.
Dozens of major gameplay changes.
New game balance.
New ways to make money, and a new economy.
You can ride camels into war.

Generally, it's like a whole new Warband.
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