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What can we find here?
« on: August 31, 2009, 08:14:07 PM »
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Hey people,
Welcome on the Fire Arrow forum boards! In this posts you will find all threads that are either interesting to read, Polls for development or other topics like the F.A.Q.
We also have our own site!

- Fire Arrow's official thread
- Official questions thread
- How to Play
- Bug report
- Changelogs
- Sub-mods

Worth a read
- Jezze's Interview with rucchi
- Strategies & Gameplay tips
- Screenshots
- Announcement of new mod!
- Our own site thread

- How often do you play the Fire Arrow mod?
- How would you rate Fire Arrow 1.1?

Closed Polls
- Result of "How would you rate Fire Arrow 0.74"

- Suggestions and plans for the future
- Screenshots
- Source Code

Enjoy!  :D

Please only comment on this, not posting links ,from other threads you think are important, to this post, as it will get annoying
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