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Runtime Error
« on: February 21, 2012, 04:46:07 AM »
This mod crashes every time I play it. I have the 5.1 version of SoD and 1.011 M&B.

I'm running WIN7 x64 w/ AMD FX 8120 CPU, ASUS Sabertooth 990FX MB, 8GB DDR31600Mhz RAM, AMD RADEON HD 6570 GPU.

I't is a runtime error that occurs consistently when I start the first battle just after starting the game. It will play for roughly 45 - 60 seconds into the battle and the CtD. I have tried changing to DX7 with similar results although I finished the battle on DX7 but it CtD after I exited the loot screen.


 I tried to replicate on DX7 again, but it worked for a few battles this time. However, when I went to tavern to sell slaves it crashed as I clicked out of the dialog to leave the ransom broker. I really like this mod so far, but the bugs are making it pretty much unplayable.  :'(

My RGL_LOG is as follows:

Starting new log file.
 Module_name =  Sword
 Setting Map Min X =  -180.000000
 Setting Map Max X =  180.000000
 Setting Map Min Y =  -145.000000
 Setting Map Max Y =  145.000000
 Num Hints =  12
 Setting Time Multiplier =  0.250000
 Setting Seeing Range Multiplier =  6.500000
 Setting Track Spotting Multiplier =  0.800000
 Setting Blood Multiplier =  2.000000
 Setting player_wounded_treshold =  5.000000
 Setting hero_wounded_treshold =  15.000000
 Setting Skill Prisoner Management Bonus =  10
 Setting Skill Leadership Bonus =  10
 Setting Base Companion Limit =  9
 Setting player_xp_multiplier =  2.000000
 Setting hero_xp_multiplier =  3.000000
 Setting regulars_xp_multiplier =  3.000000
 Setting damage_interrupt_attack_treshold =  3.000000
 Setting armor_soak_factor_against_cut =  0.650000
 Setting armor_soak_factor_against_pierce =  0.350000
 Setting armor_soak_factor_against_blunt =  0.300000
 Setting armor_reduction_factor_against_cut =  1.000000
 Setting armor_reduction_factor_against_pierce =  0.650000
 Setting armor_reduction_factor_against_blunt =  0.650000
 Setting horse_charge_damage_multiplier =  1.000000
 Setting couched_lance_damage_multiplier =  0.750000
 Setting missile_damage_speed_power =  2.000000
 Setting melee_damage_speed_power =  2.000000
 Scan Module Textures =  1
 Scan Module Sounds =  1
 Loading Resource  test
 Loading Resource  textures_face_gen
 Loading Resource  shaders
 Loading Resource  textures
 Loading Resource  materials
 Loading Resource  materials_face_gen
 Loading Resource  uimeshes
 Loading Resource  meshes_face_gen
 Loading Resource  helpers
 Loading Resource  map_tree_meshes
 Loading Resource  map_icon_meshes
 Loading Resource  particle_meshes
 Loading Resource  skeletons
 Loading Resource  tree_meshes
 Loading Resource  xtree_meshes
 Loading Resource  grass_meshes
 Loading Resource  plant_meshes
 Loading Resource  body_meshes
 Loading Resource  object_meshes
 Loading Resource  object_bodies
 Loading Resource  goods_meshes
 Loading Resource  item_meshes1
 Loading Resource  horse_a
 Loading Resource  food
 Loading Resource  beards
 Loading Resource  armors_b
 Loading Resource  armors_c
 Loading Resource  helmets
 Loading Resource  helmets_b
 Loading Resource  village_houses
 Loading Resource  village_houses_a
 Loading Resource  village_houses_b
 Loading Resource  hair
 Loading Resource  deneme
 Loading Resource  interiors_a
 Loading Resource  interiors_b
 Loading Resource  interiors_c
 Loading Resource  arena
 Loading Resource  map_icons_b
 Loading Resource  castle_a
 Loading Resource  dungeon
 Loading Resource  stone_houses
 Loading Resource  snowy_houses
 Loading Resource  snowy_castle
 Loading Resource  helmets_d
 Loading Resource  castle_b
 Loading Resource  square_keep
 Loading Resource  anim_b
 Loading Resource  shields
 Loading Resource  shields_b
 Loading Resource  weapon_meshes_c
 Loading Resource  xtree_meshes_b
 Loading Resource  map_icons_c
 Loading Resource  pictures
 Loading Resource  user_interface_b
 Loading Resource  scene_encounter_spot
 Loading Resource  interior_thirsty_lion
 Loading Resource  scene_small_tavern
 Loading Resource  weapon_meshes1
 Loading Resource  weapon_meshes_b
 Loading Resource  houses1
 Loading Resource  wall_meshes1
 Loading Resource  town_houses
 Loading Resource  doors
 Loading Resource  churches
 Loading Resource  town_houses_b
 Loading Resource  castle_c
 Loading Resource  castle_d
 Loading Resource  castle_e
 Loading Resource  castle_f
 Loading Resource  castle_g
 Loading Resource  castle_h
 Loading Resource  fake_houses
 Loading Resource  town_houses_c
 Loading Resource  banners
 Loading Resource  map_flags
 Loading Resource  map_flags_b
 Loading Resource  map_flags_c
 Loading Resource  costumes_a
 Loading Resource  particles_2
 Loading Resource  prisons
 Loading Resource  prisons_b
 Loading Resource  interiors_d
 Loading Resource  costumes_b
 Loading Resource  costumes_c
 Loading Resource  arena_costumes
 Loading Resource  boots_a
 Loading Resource  terrain_borders
 Loading Resource  terrain_borders_b
 Loading Resource  skyboxes
 Loading Resource  object_b
 Loading Resource  tree_e_meshes
 Loading Resource  destroy
 Loading Resource  xtree_meshes_c
 Loading Resource  grass_meshes_b
 Loading Resource  interiors_steppe
 Loading Resource  grooming_horse
 Loading Resource  town_houses_d
 Loading Resource  horses_b
 Loading Resource  ani_horse_mounted
 Loading Resource  deneme2
 Loading Resource  horse_skeleton
 Loading Resource  steppe_fake_houses
 Loading Resource  weapon_meshes_d
 Loading Resource  tableau_shields
 Loading Resource  heraldic_armors
 Loading Resource  spear
 Loading Resource  weapons_e
 Loading Resource  custom_banner
 Loading Resource  ani_man_walk
 Loading Resource  ani_twohanded
 Loading Resource  ani_onehanded
 Loading Resource  ani_death
 Loading Resource  ani_stand_guardsman
 Loading Resource  ani_human_mounted
 Loading Resource  ani_lady_stand
 Loading Resource  ani_poses
 Loading Resource  ani_stand_shopkeeper
 Loading Resource  ani_man_cheer
 Loading Resource  ani_stand_onhorse
 Loading Resource  ani_throw_stone
 Loading Resource  ani_strikes
 Loading Resource  ani_equip_arms
 Loading Resource  ani_run_p
 Loading Resource  ani_run_forward_left_right
 Loading Resource  uni_strikes3
 Loading Resource  ani_walk_sideways
 Loading Resource  ani_run_sideways
 Loading Resource  uni_jump
 Loading Resource  uni_stances
 Loading Resource  uni_equip
 Loading Resource  uni_strike
 Loading Resource  uni_throws
 Loading Resource  uni_fistswing
 Loading Resource  uni_lord_stand
 Loading Resource  uni_defence
 Loading Resource  uni_sideways
 Loading Module Resource  SOD_Armors
 Loading Module Resource  SOD_Banners
 Loading Module Resource  SOD_Blacksmith
 WARNING: Unable to find material  cyclo_costumes_lod
 WARNING: Unable to find material  cyclo_costumes_lod
 WARNING: Unable to find material  cyclo_costumes_lod
 WARNING: Unable to find material  cyclo_costumes_lod
 WARNING: Unable to find material  cyclo_costumes_lod
 WARNING: Unable to find material  cyclo_costumes_lod
 WARNING: Unable to find material  cyclo_costumes_lod
 WARNING: Unable to find material  cyclo_costumes_lod
 WARNING: Unable to find material  cyclo_costumes_lod
 WARNING: Unable to find material  cyclo_costumes_lod
 WARNING: Unable to find material  cyclo_costumes_lod
 WARNING: Unable to find material  cyclo_costumes_lod
 Loading Module Resource  SOD_Face_Paint
 Loading Module Resource  SOD_Fief_Management
 Loading Module Resource  SOD_Helms
 Loading Module Resource  SOD_Horses
 Loading Module Resource  SOD_Item_Sets
 Loading Module Resource  SOD_Laws
 Loading Module Resource  SOD_Props
 Loading Module Resource  SOD_Shields
 Loading Module Resource  SOD_Weapons
 Loading Module Resource  SOD_Background_Castle
 Loading Module Resource  SOD_Background_Town
 Loading Module Resource  SOD_Misc_Screens
 Loading Music...
 WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME SCRIPT CODE:  game_check_party_sees_party
 WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME SCRIPT CODE:  game_get_party_speed_multiplier
 Loading Module...
 Loading item kinds...
 Loading dialogs...
 Loading mission templates...
 Loading party templates...
 Loading Textures...
 Finished Loading Textures...
 Finished All...
 load_map_data complete.
 Init_map complete.
 init_meta_mission complete.
 map mesh built.
 parties added.
 launch complete.
 Switching to menu window...
 begin_setup end_setup begin_setup end_setup vdt_regular_ffp :Out of dynamic vertex buffer memory. Needed =  31925 Available: 30000
 Expanding Buffer Capacity to  39906
 vdt_regular_ffp :Out of dynamic vertex buffer memory. Needed =  40339 Available: 39904
 Expanding Buffer Capacity to  50423
 Saving Game... Creating new savegame file... Saving header... Saving game state...
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Re: Runtime Error
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2012, 08:50:22 PM »
That's a M&B Engine memory bug. As of yet there is no real way to fix it.

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Re: Runtime Error
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2012, 06:13:31 AM »
I had the same bug during sieges but I turned down the texture detail, as suggested in another thread and it seemed to fix it right up for me..I hope this helps :)

Edit: I also turned my game from direct X9 to 7
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