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Mount&Musket: Download and Description v0.4.2 19 Jan
« on: January 11, 2011, 10:55:02 PM »
Mount & Musket

Mount and Musket Battalion is a multi-player total conversion that tries to accurately represent the time period around the end of the Napoleonic Wars (1812-1815).
It has historical factions with accurate units and equipment, including different types of infantry, cavalry and even usable artillery.

Please read this thread for further information on the mod.

Latest version is the “mm russia3” (version 0.4.2)

Get the latest FULL INSTALLER download here:

If you already have "mm russia" (version 0.4) or "mm russia2" (version 0.4.1) of the game.. then get this small incremental patch:

Mod DB page:

List of Features

Factions and Classes
- Four Historically Accurate Factions:
   - French Empire
   - United Kingdom
   - Russian Empire
   - Kingdom of Prussia
- New class selection system, no more buying of weapons! You choose your regiment and then your rank.
- Ranks: Ranker, Sergeant, Captain, Drummer, Fifer, Bugler, Piper

Models, Textures and Animations
- Historically based uniforms
- High quality textures
- Napoleonic weapons and equipment for all units
- Many new scene items; Houses, walls, bridges, fireplaces, fences etc.
- Four level-of-detail stages for each model (gives seamless, lag-free game play)
- Many custom made animations

Particle effects
- Muzzle flash and smoke effects for artillery and firing arms
- Special effects for cannonball hits and building destruction
- Lag-free dense smoke

- Can kill players, bots and horses.
- Capable of destroying buildings and defenses.
- Realistic cannon usage with animations for reloading, and firing
- Fully operate-able including the ability to limber and move

- Large community with hundreds of players playing every day
- Official servers that support up to 250 players(!)
- Weekly community events such as line battles with over 100 players on each side
- Many established regiments (clans), dedicated to the mod

Other features
- Water causes wet powder and drowning
- Custom Models for Napoleon, Wellington, Blücher and Kutuzov
- Crouching
- Custom sounds for muskets, artillery, death screams and more
- Napoleonic Era music
- Custom made maps
- Improved Conquest game mode, works like the equivalent game mode of BF2
- Place able defences (chevaux-de-frise)
- Voice Commands and Battle Cries
- Maps with different day times
- Weather effects such as rain, fog and snow
- Walking
- New, improved User Interface
- Singleplayer custom battles with Napoleonic bots and custom maps.

We hope you enjoy this mod as much as we did making it! :)

Modding Team:

In Charge:
- Vincenzo
- Beaver
- Lord_Olafson
- Grognard_Admiral

Team Members/Contributors (No particular order):
- Yamabusi
- Biteme
- Uhtred
- MadJackMcMad
- Venitius
- Temuzu
- JDeNef13
- Brego
- TheJohan
- Fahausi
- Richter
- Rudovich
- Hombal
- Thandrius
- Longshaft
- Blue2volf
- C.Right
- Shredzorz
- Hibiki
- Poomtang

- The 22nd clan
- The 92nd Clan
- The 51st Clan
- Praetorian

Extra credits / thanks go to:
(click to show/hide)


Everything in Mount & Musket, including without limitation: Uniforms, Shakoes, Weapons, Horses, Coding, Music, Sounds, etc.
Which were originally produced, designed or licensed for Mount & Musket (with the exception of those designs or original works identified as being from Taleworlds, the OSP or other sources and the Warband and Mount & Blade games themselves, which are the property of Taleworlds) is the sole property of the Mount & Musket team and/or their creators and may not be used for any purposes whatsoever without explicit written permission from the Mount & Musket team and/or their creators.

Please observe copyright laws ask permission before you use something from Mount & Musket in a mod of your own.
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