Author Topic: DOWNLOAD HERE - v1.7 released! (December 25th)  (Read 46488 times)

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DOWNLOAD HERE - v1.7 released! (December 25th)
« on: September 22, 2010, 05:09:40 AM »
Download the FULL MOD of v1.7 from the M&B Repository here:


Download the v1.6 to 1.7 PATCH here:

To install, simply extract the .rar file your Warband modules folder.

--1.7 Changelog--

-- Cannons!
-- New scene props
-- Several new swords
-- New uniforms for the new clans
-- Custom weather for all scenes (including rain, snow, fog, and the time of day)
-- 1.134 compatibility
-- Completely redone uniforms
-- Complete hat renovation (now with cockades!)
-- New animations (such as a surrendering animation when blocking with fists and cheering when you press O)

-Bugfixes/Gameplay Tweaks-
-- Barricade limit is now reset after every map change (instead of never)
-- Standard-bearer swords fixed
-- Improved particle effects
-- Improved animations
-- No more weird floating cartridges at the base of the muskets
-- Fixed British officer uniform bug
-- Horses now have less health and are stopped by bayonets
-- Muskets and rifles now have slightly increased accuracy
-- LODs for a lot of the models
-- Slightly increased reload times for both muskets and pistols
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