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[S] El Arte de la Guerra [V1.75]
« on: July 31, 2010, 10:17:56 AM »
El Arte de la Guerra

Version 1.75:
Link: (base 178 MB aprox. whitout form ranks)

Patchs (only for V1.75):
Whitout Form Ranks :

Form Ranks by motomataru:

Form Ranks by foxyman: (Maybe it contains some bug .... maybe)

hi all!
Currently working on the next version: 1.8
It brings many, many surprises.
This means that I will not share a patch to fix the bug.

But I share this little, tiny, patch. That only serves to remove the Shield Bash in some places.

No further explanations. For a while, but I will keep working.

See you soon!

This is V1.750001

P/D: Important files: troops.txt and items.txt (just replace it.)

P/D: Not Working whit Foxyman form ranks!
(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)


New in v1.75:
º - Updated with Custom Commander V1.121
º - Updated with mod v3.1.1 Diplomacy
º - Naval battles. (You can either fight against the raiders - Pirates)
º - Receiving damage underwater.
º - Three new companions.
º - A new faction.
º - Weapons cause a bit less damage. Swords a little faster.
º - Armor a little more resistant.
º - Weapons of multiple hits. Pressing Ctrl (left) can hit multiple enemies at once. Can be used in time intervals, not to abuse too. This ability can only be used with special weapons.
º - Special Weapons:
There are several weapons that you will find for sale. Before the name of each weapon is the "Heavy" to identify them. These weapons at first glance appear normal. But they have the special ability of multiple hits.
º - betting tournaments are now equivalent to half your renowed.
Renowned 1000 allow you to bet up to 2000 denars, etc. The stakes go up to 20000 denars (soon this will be more accurate).
º - A town and two new village. Ownership of the new faction.
º - Shield Bash is back! Click RMB Click LMB. (Left mouse button and right)
º  - Return foxyman formations.

º - Many other changes.
º - Many bugs fixed.
º - no compatible whit save game.
º Read game concepts.


Add-on. For Sieges:,132920.0.html

Diplomacy mod V3.0

As vassal

•Persuasion attempts to convince your king to start a war
•Appoint a chamberlain, who will decrease tax inefficiency by 10% and gives you the ability to set tax rates.  Taxes also have an effect on center relation and prosperity. In addition he will take care of paying wages and collecting income as well as giving you the possibility to secure your money
•Appoint a constable who recruits and trains troops and provides information about garrisons and troops of lords
•Send patrols to important locations
•Appoint a chancellor who sends gifts and messengers to other lords
•Village and town riots may occure if the people hate you and have to pay high tax rates. Counter them or negotiate with the leader.
•Let your spouse buy some food (I know, it has nothing to do with diplomacy but it's fun  )
•Pay staff salary (you knew that a woman will cost money before you married her  )
•Troops will start running away if you go into debts (this also applies to garrisons)
•Return fiefs to your king, he won't like this, though
•Move your residence (via spouse)
•Negotiate Mid-siege surrender/walk-out terms if defending your own keeps and towns
•Affiliate to families
•Send scouts to settlements

As king

•Threaten other kingdoms with war and try to squeeze money out of them
•If a faction sues for peace you will have the option to set terms
•Possiblity to send a gift to another faction (fief or money)
•Send a spy to another kingdom
•Form an alliance, conclude a defensive pact, sign a trade agreement or conclude a non-aggression treaty with another faction.
•Change the domnestic policy of your kingdom. Choose between Centralization/Decentralization, Aristocracy/Plutocracy, Serfdom/Free subjects, Quality/Quantity which affects trade income, vassals armies size, AI army strength, relation between king and vassals as well as tax inefficiency
•When asking for a truce you will get the option to pay and/or give fiefs to conclude a truce.
•If another faction recognizes you as king you will have the option to ask for help against your enemy and in certain circumstances support the decision by paying money
•Choose your faction culture so all your lords will recruit the same type of troops
•Exchange or release your (own) prisoners
•Distribute spoils of war after you conquered a town or castle
•Send emissaries to persuade lords to join your kingdom
•Amount of recruits available in villages will depend on honour, renown, being owner, being king, domnestic policies 

Custom commander  v1.319

#. Add a new menu before encounter that can choose NPC(unwounded) to be the leader instead of player .

#.  "Auto loot"(thanks to fisheye)
    Autoloot improvements by rubik:
    Reorganized how NPCs will choose their loots, they will accord to the performance instead of the price.
    Auto-choosing readable books, put the books into the booty and NPCs will choose the books their like.
      After auto-loot, NPCs will read the book by themselves, do not need talk and order them to read anymore.
      After finishing the book, NPCs will throw it into the booty and let others choose.
    Make a new equipment management interface for autoloot.
    Every NPC has two sets of weapons and also two sets of weapon upgrading settings. You can easily toggle between the two sets.
(click to show/hide)

# Auto-selling system
     Could choose the price limit for the auto-sold items
     Could choose which kind of items will be auto-sold in to detail
     Foods, trade goods and books could not be auto-sold
     Unlock NPCs' inventory, and NPCs will take all the surplus loots by themselves
     NPCs will auto-sell their loots and there is no need to translate the loots to players from NPCs any more. NPCs will revceive the money and show the associated information.
     The total weight of items in NPCs' inventory will affect the party's moving speed.
     Auto-selling options shows up on the town and village's menu that let NPCs to trade with all merchants in the town (or with the village older) automatically. Auto-selling stops when all merchants run out of money or space.
     The order of auto-selling is form the bottom of the party list to the player, and they will sell cheap itms first.
     NPCs' auto-choosing equitpemts does not affect their auto-looting, they will put the remainder into the loot pool and let others choose. and throw from the most expensive item until the loot pool is full. After autoloot, the remainder will auto-talken by NPCs.

#.  The skill 'Path-finding' increases Party map speed by 6% per skill level.
#.  If you enounter stronger enemies and leaving some soldiers behind to cover your retreat or after escaping, the movement speed will be twice the normal speed for half an hour (game time), then it will return to normal .
#.  A few changes to Native models, made a flying arrow model of my own, now flying arrows are more... immersive.
#.  Heroes(player, 16NPCs, lords and kings) will get extra weapon points when he kill/stun a enemy troop. The amount of points depends on the xp gaind and the hero's skill level of Weapon master.
#.  Add a mystic merchant to the taverns of towns. You can gamble with him like the Diablo II. You will see many items, but you can't see the prefix and the true price of the items. You will cost the money of the same item without a prefix, then you may get an item with a good prefix or maybe an item with a bad prefix.
#. Troops in lords' parties or their towns or castles and also kingdom caravans will be sorted by the level of troops every 24 hours.
#. The horse' HP will influence its speed, if the horse' HP is lower, its speed will be lower
#. Custom camera for battles:
    Key up: raise the camera
    Key down: lower the camera
    Key left: zoom out
    Key right: zoom in

    When any arrow key is clicked, the manual mode will be enbled, no need to press any keys to toggle the mode. If the left Ctrl key is pressed, the movement of the camera will be five times more. Press R or `or left Shift to end the manual mode.

#. You can view the upgrade trees of troops and all items in game.
(click to show/hide)

#. You can check out the effects of the prefix of an item with the prefix.
(click to show/hide)

#. Many mod options in camp menu.
(click to show/hide)

# You can recruit troops for your own towns or castles.
(click to show/hide)

# You can redefine the 4 keys for Custom Camera in camp menu.
# You can change the faction color of any factions in Camp menu.
# New quests about solving bandit heroes, you can take these quests from mayors in towns.
# Show shot distance on sceen when you hit anything with ranged weapons.
# Show next pay day (accurate to to an hour) in the reports menu, only take effect after you had payed once
# New skill: Comprehension. It's base on intelligence. This skill increases the amount of experience obtained in battles by 8%% per skill level. (Personal skill)  Max level: 15
# New character creation system, all questions and answers about your background are in one interface. You can a new character easily.
# Cavalry will choose the right weapons from weapons which they equipped(not from their hole inventory).When they are on horses, they will prefer to use lances and switch to other weapons when they are on foot.
# Horse archers won't switch weapons to melee weapons before they run out of their ammo.
# Rhodok sergeants will switch weapons to the glaive when they are close to the enemies if they had equipped it on back, and switch to a shield with an one-handed weapon when the enemies are far away to defense the enemies' arrows or bolts.
# Customizable troops can be renamed in the upgrade tree of them in reports menu.

New Scenes:






















º Cities:

Cities nord:

Sargoth = +1 wall +1 ladder.
Thir = +1 wall + 1 ladder
Wercheg = +1 wall + 3 ladders

Cities sarranid:

Shariz = + 1 wall +2 ladders
Durquba = +1 wall + 2 ladders
Baryye = +1 wall +3 ladders
Ahmerrad = +1 wall +3 ladders

Cities Khergit:

Halmar =  +1 wall +3 ladders
Narra = +1 wall +3 ladders
Tulga = +1 wall +2 ladders
Ichamur = +1 wall +2 ladders

Cities Swadian:

Praven = +2 ladders + towers
Uxkhal = +4 ladders + 1 ladder
Suno =  +1 wall +1 ladder
Dhirim = +1 wall

Cities Vaegir:
Khudan = +1 wall +2 ladders
Curaw = +1 wall +2 ladders
Reyvadin = +1 wall +2 ladders
Rivacheg = +1 wall +2 ladders

Cities Rhodok =
Yalen = +2 ladders
Veluca = +2 ladders
Jelkala = +2 ladders

º Castles :

Hrus Castle = +1 ladder
Curin Castle = +2 ladders
Chalbek =  +2 ladders
Jelbegi Castle = +2 ladders
Knudarr Castle = +2 ladders
Alburq Castle = +2 ladders
Tehlrog Castle = +2 ladders


Rybelet Castle = +1 ladder
Haringoth Castle = +1 ladder
Kelredan Castle = + 1 ladder
Tevarin Castle = +2 ladders
Vyincourd Castle = +2 ladders
Derchios Castle = +2 ladders
Senuzgda Castle = +2 ladders
Reindi Castle = +2 ladders
Tilbaut Castle = +2 ladders

Maras Castle = +2 ladders
Culmarr Castle = +2 ladders
Etrosq Castle = +2 ladders
Ibdeles Castle = +2 ladders
Jamiche Castle = + 2 ladders
Ergellon Castle = +2 ladders
Grunwalder Castle = +2 ladders


Weyyah Castle = +2 ladders
Caraf Castle = +2 ladders
Teramma Castle = +1 ladder
Sharwa Castle = +1 ladders
Bardaq Castle = +2 ladders
Durrin Castle = +2 ladders
Samarra Castle = +2 ladders
Jameyyed Castle = +1 ladder


Unuzdaq Castle = +2 ladders
Unhun Castle = + 1 ladder
Malayurg Castle = +1 ladder
Asugan Castle = +2 ladders
Distar Castle = +2 ladders
Tulbuk Castle = +1 ladder
Sungetche Castle = +1 ladder

Nelag Castle = +2 ladders
Bulugha Castle = +2 ladders
Dramug Castle = +2 ladders
Radoghir Castle = +1 ladder
Ismirala Castle = +2 ladders
Jeribe Castle = +2 ladders
Slezkh Castle = +2 ladders
Yruma Castle = +2 ladders

º - When you infiltrate an enemy city you do not carry the staff and the disguise of a pilgrim. Bring your own equipment.
º - If you are left unconscious in battle. The battle continued.
º - If you stay unconscious you can watch the battle with the camera using the "arrows on the keyboard
º - Restoration of a Kingdom - A lord (of a fallen kingdom) is separated from the current king can restore the ancient kingdom.
º - The ability to take prisoners and is not a skill in leadership. Now is a skill group.
º - Force recruitment - You can force the villagers of a village for entering your army. Many of them enter your party but also drastically reduce your relationship with them.
º - Recruit farmers ("farmers") in villages (farmers -> watchman -> Carvan guard ... etc)
º - Duels:
     •Practice duelling with your own troops, from recruits to knights
     •Duel your companions. Firentis bitching about Katrin again? Beat the **** out of him!
     •As your renown increases, duel lord and eventually even kings!
     •Duel mounted or on foot using a range of weapons options: your own weapons, sword and shield, 2-handed weapons or ranged weapons.
     •The kit keeps track of how many times you fight a certain npc and whether you win or lose. The dialog changes accordingly.
     •Duels take place in arenas
º - Camp Entrenched:
This adds an option to the camp menu to quickly entrench your camp site. If attacked while entrenched, you will fight from a fortified position. Not very useful for cavalry heavy armies, but very effective for armies with plenty of archers or that need to defend against cavalry. If ,while camping, you are attacked and did not take the time to entrench your position, you will fight at a disadvantage.
There is a different camp fortification setup for each terrain type.

 Each camp scene has a hand made walk mesh that will help the attackers and defenders deal with the fortifications. There are no invisible walls or ai barriers used. For the most part, it works pretty good. You will occasionally see a few agents do something stupid, like run into a wall of spikes or drown themselves in a river.

º - More horses
º - More Warhorses
º - For each of the nobles who you defeat your will get a small amount of money.
º - You can buy beer in the tavern for your troops and thus increase morale. Useful when morale is low. And also it's fun.
º - Bandits Hire: When you meet some bandits or deserters on the map you can hire them to join your group.
º - New and exempt conversation with prisoners:
   * Ability to persuade prisoners to come directly to you
   * Option to leave them free
   * Ability to kill regular prisoners
   * Ability to insult the noble
   * Ability to let go of the nobles. With honor and relationship growth.
º - In tournament will use your own equipment. Be careful whom you try to hit! You could confuse your friends! Identify your own team for the horse to ride.
º - Tournament bets have been raised as follows:
               - 5000 Denares
               - 2500 Denares
               - 1000 Denares
               - 750 Denares
               - 500 Denares
               - 250 Denares
               - 125 Denares
               - 50 Denares
               - 20 Denares
               - 10 Denares
               - 5 Denares
º - The price of the horse is doubled. Also his hit points. (Hp, life, etc)
º - Spear Bracing = Key "V"
º - Horse whistle = Key "z"
º - Beer and wine are now edible
º - Advantage Land: At the time of the self resolution of battles, the terrain influence the kinds of troops.
º - Fighting on bridges: When you're on a bridge the fight will be developed on the bridge.
º - The school now provides bonus each week instead of once a month.
º - Lost Weapon Skill: If you do not fight, over time, will lose ability in one-handed weapons, two hand, etc. Depending on your level "Weapon Mastery" will decline more or less skills.
º - Winning at tournaments provides much renow. For the player and nobles.
º - You can access the inventory as a group window. During sieges. (As sieges, not the battle itself)
º - Reconsiderar rendicion - A veces le damos click por error a rendirse y eso nos puede arruinar el dia. Ahora ya no.
º - Most "Ransom Brokers - Rarely will not find one.
º - New look for the relationship between factions, courtship, nobles known and companions state.
º - Any time in-game that you have a formation form or "Hold," it will set up near the position that the player
had when the command was issued: infantry to the left, cavalry to the right, and archers up front. Additionally,
the formations may maintain the same FACING that the player had (depending on mod design).

Whenever a unit first forms a particular formation, troops may spread out for ease of forming up

"1" for ranks
"2" for weapon-based ranks (shieldwall, phalanx)
"3" for wedge
"4" for square
"5" for no formation (undo formation)]

Code: [Select]
Swadian Recruit->Swadian Militia->Swadian Footman->Swadian Squire
  |                                         |            |            |
  |                                         |            ↓            |
  |                                         |     Swadian Infantry    ↓
  |                                         |            ↓       Swadian Man at Arms
  |                                         |     Swadian Sergeant    ↓
  |                                         |                     Swadian Knight   
  |                                         |
  |                                         |
  |                                         |
  |                                         ↓   
  |                                Swadian Spearmen --> Swadian Pikeman
  |                                                                   ↓
  |                                                        Swadian Sergeant Pikeman               
Swadian Skirmisher->- Swadian Crossbowman--> swadian Sharpshooter

Code: [Select]
Vaegir Recruit → Vaegir Footman → Vaegir Veteran → Vaegir Horseman
                  |                   |                      |       |              ↓
                  |                   |                      |       ↓         Vaegir Knight
                  |                   |                      |     Vaegir Horse Archer
        Vaegir Skirmisher             |                      ↓
                  ↓                   |                      Vaegir infantry → Vaegir Guard
         Vaegir Archer                ↓
                  ↓                    →Vaegir Spearmen→Vaegir Veteran Spearman
         Vaegir Marksman                                                    ↓
                  ↓                                              Vaegir Guard Spearman
         Vaegir Guard Marksman
        Vaegir Master Marksman
Khergit =

Code: [Select]
Khergit Tribesman → Khergit Skirmisher
                     Khergit Horseman → Khergit Lancer → Khergit Knight
                Khergit Veteran Horse Archer →  Khergit Knight Horse Archer

Code: [Select]
Nord Recruit → Nord Footman → Nord Trained Footman → Nord Warriors
             |                       |                              ↓
             |                       |                           Nord Veteran
             |                       |                               ↓
             |                       |                         Nord Huscarl
             |                       |                              ↓
             |                       |                       Nord Master Huscarl
             |                       ↓
             |            Nord Trained Spearmen → Nord Warrior Spearmen
             |                                              ↓
             |                                     Nord Veteran Spearmen
Nord Huntsman → Nord Archer → Nord Veteran Archer → Nord Champion Archer


Code: [Select]
Rhodok Tribesman → Rhodok Spearman → Rhodok Trained Spearman
|                                          |                  ↓
|                                          |          Rhodok Veteran Spearman
|                                          |                     ↓
|                                          |          Rhodok Sergeant → Rhodok Halabardier
|                                          |                     ↓
|                                          |          Rhodok Heavy Sergeant
|                                          |
|                                          ↓
|                              Rhodok Swordman Rhodok → Rhodok Trained Swordman
|                                                                       ↓
|                                                                    Rhodok Veteran Swordman

Rhodok Crossbowman → Rhodok Trained Crossbowman
                          Rhodok Veteran Crossbowman → Rhodok Sharpshooter
                                                           Rhodok Sergeant Sharpshooter

Code: [Select]
Sarranid Recruit → Sarranid Footman → Sarranid Veteran Footman →
|                                  |                           |           ↓
|                                  ↓                           |       Sarranid Horseman
|                       Sarranid Spearman                      |           ↓
|                                ↓                             |         Sarranid Mamluke → *
|               Sarranid Infantry Spearman                     |             ↓
|                               |                              |      Sarranid Guard Mamluke
|                               ↓                     Sarranid Infantry → Sarranid Guard
|                 Sarranid Guard Spearman                                             ↓
|                                                                       Sarranid Master Guard
Sarranid Skirmisher → Sarranid Archer → Sarranid Master Archer
                                       |                  ↓
                                       |   Sarranid Veteran Master Archer
                                   Sarranid Horse Archer
                                   Sarranid Master Horse Archer
                                  Sarranid Mamluke Horse Archer*

Credits: (in no particular order)

Waihti      - Diplomacy
Rubik       - Custom Commander
Tempered    - Entrenched mod

Bridge Battles - Arch3r
Duel Kit - MartinF
New presentations for reports (v1.2) - jrider
Realistic Colors 1.22 - Lucke189
MoreHorse - MoreWarHorse - Wanderer949
Extended Prisoner Talk - Mordachai
Reduce proficiencies slightly every week - Abhuva
Sea Battles -  Ruthven
Reinforcements - Zaitenko
Terrain advantage - Arch3r
Order Weapon Type Switch - Caba`drin
Area damage (multiple hit) - killkhergit
Lancers: Use the right weapon - CryptoCactus
Spear Bracing - The Mercenary
Overhead Spear Thrust - xenoargh
Fall in the water - HokieBT
Shield Bash - Mirathei
Working in the Salt Mine + Slave Labor - Keedo420

Geoffrey Ashe - Something (I am tired, I can not remember all)
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[SP, Add-on, OP, WB 1.134, ] Towers, walls and ladders. V1.5.2:

[SP - Add on - MAP]Mundus Magnus,243233.0.html


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Re: El Arte de la Guerra
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Haha very good man, awsome implemented stuff, glad i know spanish  :mrgreen:

EDIT:  :shock: OMG, i just read the hole thing while downloading, this has a huge scripting ammount, i just found my favorite mod.
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Re: El Arte de la Guerra
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Sounds awesome, too bad I don't have time to try it right now :)


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Re: El Arte de la Guerra
« Reply #3 on: July 31, 2010, 05:31:35 PM »
Damn you! You make me wonder wether I should install and play Warband again.
Damn you to hell.

That is to say that this sounds indeed yummy and the day I'll go back to Warband, I'll definitely try this.


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Re: [SP] El Arte de la Guerra
« Reply #4 on: July 31, 2010, 06:18:51 PM »
It would be nice if someone could prove it foxyman formations. I mean, like acts in the warband. Because I have no time to test them exhaustively.
At the moment I'm trying motomataru formations and looking for bugs and other anomalies ... if someone would also look great. :D

P / D: Sorry for my horrible English ... if you see errors in my writing let me know. That would help me. :oops:
[SP, Add-on, OP, WB 1.134, ] Towers, walls and ladders. V1.5.2:

[SP - Add on - MAP]Mundus Magnus,243233.0.html


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Re: [SP] [War Band] El Arte de la Guerra
« Reply #5 on: July 31, 2010, 07:45:59 PM »
May i ask why you want 2 different kits of formations in the mod?  :mrgreen:


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Re: [SP] [War Band] El Arte de la Guerra
« Reply #6 on: July 31, 2010, 08:36:15 PM »
It is to be varied options and toward having everyone happy.
You who have tried formations?
Or you have not tried this mod yet?
[SP, Add-on, OP, WB 1.134, ] Towers, walls and ladders. V1.5.2:

[SP - Add on - MAP]Mundus Magnus,243233.0.html


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Re: [SP] [War Band] El Arte de la Guerra
« Reply #7 on: July 31, 2010, 08:38:40 PM »
It is to be varied options and toward having everyone happy.
You who have tried formations?
Or you have not tried this mod yet?
Ill be testing it tonight. Downloaded it but I have a nc match soon so can't play. But, it sounds and looks awesome :)


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Re: [SP] [War Band] El Arte de la Guerra
« Reply #8 on: July 31, 2010, 09:24:38 PM »
I'd appreciate that. Since my time is limited now.
[SP, Add-on, OP, WB 1.134, ] Towers, walls and ladders. V1.5.2:

[SP - Add on - MAP]Mundus Magnus,243233.0.html


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Re: [S] El Arte de la Guerra
« Reply #9 on: August 01, 2010, 09:36:38 AM »
Gratz on getting it here :) And, was testing it, it's awesome :P. Good work indeed. I like how you can view the troop trees, seeing the character who owns the town on the town menu etc :) So many good stuff you have there. Only thing that didn't work was the formations. Basically, you could assign them but when you ordered them to move somewhere, they moved forward for some time but then they started going backwards. I was using the motamaru formations script. Still, Ill play some more to find out the other features :P Excelent work :)


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Re: [S] El Arte de la Guerra
« Reply #10 on: August 01, 2010, 12:03:08 PM »
Yeah, i encountered a few bugs so far...

- Formations dont work
- Some characters appear twice in taverns ( two praven merchants in same tavern, two borchas in the same tavern)
- Tournments repeat ( i had a tournment in praven, and won it, after a few seconds, there was another tournment in praven again.)


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Re: [S] El Arte de la Guerra
« Reply #11 on: August 01, 2010, 05:23:36 PM »
This is cool, once you're done fixing the bugs. can I please have the Module system for it thanks,  I would like to implement 10+ other mods together.   I Just found out about the formation mods this morning and during my nap time I thought of Diplomacy, Custom Commander, and formation together, but since you're 99.9 % complete I"ll wait for further fix so I could implement graphic enhancement, a few king crowns, some armored horses, those osp armors, and a few extra companions.

Thanks a bunch for your time. we're like assembly line, one guy adding another guys' mod and remod and we'll keep adding to make the game more complete.   


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Re: [S] El Arte de la Guerra
« Reply #12 on: August 01, 2010, 07:47:28 PM »
Great mod, i'd take a look into adding Thicks added OSP gear.

I keep starting two different games with this mod and,127802.0.html

I'm so torn!
« Last Edit: August 01, 2010, 07:54:16 PM by PineTree24 »


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Re: [S] El Arte de la Guerra
« Reply #13 on: August 01, 2010, 11:51:58 PM »
Cool mod. I loved the horse whistle xD


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Re: [S] El Arte de la Guerra
« Reply #14 on: August 02, 2010, 01:00:53 AM »
Cool mod. I loved the horse whistle xD

Downlaoding now, looking forward to playing it!!