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Taleworlds Forum Rules

By posting on Taleworlds you agree to the following rules. These rules are in effect on all boards. Certain boards may have specific rules which apply only to those boards, read the stickied "posting rules" thread near the top of the main board page to see if these apply.

No piracy, talk of piracy, talk of warez, or anything of the sort. No linking to sites with this kind of content
The following actions are prohibited on the forums:  1) Any facilitation of infringement of copyright, or of obtaining materials that do infringe copyright, be it through explicit or implicit written suggestion or through supplying such materials directly.  2)  Any linking to websites that facilitate copyright infringement or supply materials that do infringe copyright.  3) Any promotion or endorsement of copyright infringement, or of obtaining or using materials that do infringe copyright.

The exact punishment for violation of this rule will be decided on an individual basis, but it will always warrant at least a warning, in severe cases violators may receive an immediate, permanent ban.

Taleworlds is legally accountable for all content posted on these boards, and we don't want to get in trouble with the law. Bear in mind that a search engine such as Google may easily return your post out of context on a search, and we don't want to attract the wrong kind of attention.

No porn, links to porn sites or anything similar
The members of this board range from pre-teens to retirees. We don't want to offend or corrupt anyone ;) Again, breaking this rule can lead to a permanent ban without warning.

No derogatory or discriminatory remarks based on ethnicity or religion. No hate propoganda, no racism
Racism of any kind will not be tolerated. This is an international community with members from many different cultures and backgrounds. Breaking this carries the same penalties as above. Note that this includes (but is by no means limited to) sexism, homophobia, religious based hatred and similar.

No trolling, flaming or anything similar
This is an open, friendly community and also the first stop for those seeking information or assistance of the game. We will not tolerate flaming or trolling, this includes but is not limited to deliberately trying to provoke an argument, personal insults and verbal attacks.  If you disagree with what someone has said, debate the point, not the person.
 I would like to remind all of our members that this community is provided for the use of all members, not just those with a high post count or early join date. We all get sick of reading the same questions again and again, however we'd rather you didn't bother replying if you don't have something constructive to say. Remember, you were a newbie once :)

No Spam
Spam clogs up the forum, makes relevant and accurate information harder to find and causes the forum to slow down for everybody. Don't post twice with the same or similar ideas, condense it into one post. Try not to use one word or single sentence answers. Don't post the same thing across multiple boards.
 It is better to post quality rather than quantity. There's an old saying that empty vessels make the most noise. A few well thought out, intelligent posts will do you far more good in the long term than a host of poorly worded posts. A high post count will not confer any special status on you - your fellow members will judge you by the quality of your posts rather than quantity. You will find the infrequent but intelligent posters are often accorded a lot more respect that those with higher post counts but little actual content. The best posts are those which provide something to discuss or add to a debate.

No begging for Serial Keys
Everyone here has bought the game. No one will give you a key for free. We've already had every sob story going, including those who are unable to buy the key due to not owning a credit card/being able to use paypal. The only thing begging for a serial key will get you is a free permanent ban.

Armagan's word is final
These boards are provided at Taleworld's expense for fans of Mount & Blade. Purchasing a licence does not confer any right of access to these boards, you have no right of free speech or anything of the sort. This should be considered a privately owned forum of which we are all guests, nothing more. While we do try to work with and listen to the community, once a decision has been made no amount of complaining is likely to alter it.

Guidelines for posting
Be Polite. Like your mother told you, treat people how you want to be treated. If you post a polite, well thought out post then you are more likely to get a polite, well thought out response.

Internet slang. Don't use chatroom abbreviations, l33t sp34k or similar. If you can't be bothered to type out a coherent, intelligent post then don't expect anyone to type out a coherent, intelligent response.

Topics Check to see if an existing topic already covers the subject you want to post about. We would rather you posted into that thread than started a new topic, no matter how old. Please give your new topics relevant titles rather than nonsensical ones - "Improving weapons and shields" is a lot better than "My suggestions". Not only does this allow people to see what your post is about (so your likely to get interested posters) but it also helps the search function return relevant results

Cursing We'd rather not implement the curse filter if possible. Try to keep the cursing to a minimum. As my grandfather used to say "Swearing is the last resort of the ignorant"

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar We have a spellchecker, use it. Remember that not everyone on these forums speaks English as their primary language - correct spelling and grammar can help them understand what you are trying to say. Punctuation actually does serve a purpose - it makes your post easier to read. By the same token, we will not tolerate "Grammar Nazis" here - not all members have the same standard of literacy or written English, so the occasional mistake is to be expected. We all make mistakes.

Public vs Private Remember, the forums are a public arena. If you wish to talk specifically to a single poster, use the private message function. That's why its there.

Let the staff do their job It is up to the administration or moderation staff to decide what will happen to a member or post which breaks the rules. Remember, each time you reply to a post, you send it back to the top of the board. We would much rather you hit the report to moderator button if you find a post in breach of these rules rather than replied to it, especially if its simply to state that the poster is likely to get banned. On a similar note, don't just post "this is in the wrong forum" replies, at least try to answer the question. Rest assured we will get around to the post in due course.

Keep to the topic at hand Try and stay on the topic of the initial post when replying. While we all go off on tangents, it is annoying to the initial poster to see the discussion range of the topic they posted about. It also doesn't help those who are looking for information to find what they thought was a discussion on the best weapon in Mount & Blade is actually a lecture about medieval swordsmithing techniques. If you find the thread is wandering off topic, try creating a new thread in the relevant forum to discuss the other issue.

My post has been deleted/Edited/locked
 Sometimes a moderator will edit or delete your posts. Sometimes they will give a reason, sometimes the reason is obvious. Do not post a thread complaining about this, edit your post to restore information or re-post a deleted post. If you have any questions or issues regarding why a post has been modified, PM the admin or moderator responsible, or contact another Administrator who will be happy to help

I've been warned/banned!
 If you break the rules, you may recieve a warning or a ban. A warning is usually reserved for minor infractions - consider it a chance to mend your behaviour before more serious action is taken. A ban can take several forms - a ban on posting (you will still be able to read the forum) or a total ban (you won't be able to read or post in the forum). Bans may be temporary or permanent. If you are under a temporary ban do not create or use an alternative account to circumvent the ban - this is likely to cause the length of the ban to be extended, if not upgraded to a permanent ban. If you are banned and wish to appeal or have any questions about it, you can email one of the administrators: Janus at repository[at]fenrisoft.com or Lost_Lamb at t3hlostlamb[at]gmail.com or Moss at taleworldsmoss[at]hotmail.com or Caba`drin at taleworlds.cabadrin[at]gmail.com or Kleidophoros at kleidophoros[at]gmail.com.

I have a problem with a moderator or Administrator
If you have a problem with a moderator or administrator, or their actions, you can PM the staff member in question. Usually we are happy to respond and explain exactly why something has been done. If you don't feel you can approach the staff member in question, feel free to contact another Administrator with your concerns. Do not post a topic to complain about the member in question - while we will allow general debate regarding admin/moderator activities we consider flaming a staff member the same as flaming a normal board member.

What do I do if I recieve a PM/See a post which breaks these rules?
If you come across a private message or post which breaks these rules, do not respond. Doing so is only likely to encourage the troll, and may land you in trouble to boot. In both cases, the best course of action is to click the report to moderator (for posts) or report to administrator (for PM's) link. This will notify all staff members of the problem, and it will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Boards marked [EX]
 Boards marked with an [EX] after the title are a special kind of board. These boards function as links to external websites not hosted on Taleworlds. Taleworlds & Ikisoft take no responsibility for the content of third party sites.
Remember, these rules are here for your benefit and the benefit of the community

All posts in the main forum must be directly related to the game or it's content. Discussion of real world or other non-game issues should be posted in the relevant part of the Anachronist's Guild, our off topic forum. The only exception to this is the Sage's Guild, which is specifically for debating historical issues, re-enactment and the 'real world' events the setting of Mount & Blade is based on.

When posting in the off topic area, please bear the following in mind: If you think that your post might be taken as offensive, then do not post it.  If you find another person's post offensive, please consider the intent behind it.  Just because a person's beliefs or opinion are different than yours does not necessarily mean that they are attacking yours.  Again, common sense goes a long way. Let me reiterate that we will not tolerate either discrimination or personal attacks on this forum, in any board.

(Thanks Archonsod   :D)


I'm being watched

 The board has a system whereby a moderator or administrator may send a warning to a user whose posts are close to breaking the rules or otherwise likely to land them in trouble. A warned member will receive a message telling them why they have been warned. The moderator may also assign a warning level to the user, which results in a "watched" tag on the user's post profile. You can see your warning level on your profile page. You can consider this as a notice to improve your behavior or face a further ban.
 Any user with a warning level greater than 70 will be prevented from posting until the level drops below this number. The warning level is decremented by 5% every 24 hours. If you wish to appeal regarding a warning you have received, please PM an administrator. Do not start a post complaining about your warning status as this is likely to lead to further problems.


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