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Downloads and Information(bugfix patch out)
« on: October 23, 2009, 03:35:51 PM »
The Revenge of the Berserk Mod
0.97 Kingdom management and tons of new characters and content.  Thanks to the team for helping with this release. This is not savegame friendly with any other version
Patch to v0.97b on megaupload
Patch to v0.97b on megaupload
fixes the capture Farnese quest.
Link to v0.97 on megaupload
Link to v0.97 on the Mbrepository

RotB has large party sizes. For greater challenge and fun download Janus' battlesizer.
Note that RotB also has 8 waves of reinforcements so either way you won't have to fight 8 skirmishes to resolve a battle.Of course the battlesizer is very computer dependent.
V0.97 Changelog
(click to show/hide)
Included a new Walkthrough file in text format look in the Extra Folder[/spoiler]
To install just extract the patch to the mount and blade/ modules folder and it will overwrite anything that has been changed in the Berserk Folder. The old berserk mod folder must still be named Berserk

The main focus of this mod is combat and lots of it. Everything is geared to be faster paced. There is blood all over the place and the addition of the more metal sounds turns the battlefield into a loud viceral experience. Based on the Berserk Manga. As the Black Swordsman your character starts out stronger than any other mod. But enemy parties will also have rare elite troops that can rip through regular soldiers with ease and you cannot upgrade your troops to them. Human elites can be captured and persuaded but any apostles the enemy has will never be captured. This mod also has a large focus on a single story arc with scripted quickbattles as part of the main game, and an ending to the game. Though you can continue to play in sandbox mode after you beat the main questline. Wars are also predetermined for some kingdoms. Now including a full starting quickbattle campaign for a regular man or woman as well. With Foxyman's form ranks enemy armies fight with intelligence. I guarantee you will be surprised the first time a proper wedge of knights crashes through your ranks and keeps on going rather than get tied up in your troops.  And then the swing around as one unit and charge again.  You better hope you brought some spears.  Tell your men to form a phalanx and they will cram together denying the cavalry the abliity to knock everyone down piecemiel.
The Team:

The Team:
[Berserker Pride]scripter, general assembly, some of everything
[Barf] modeller
[€hr¡s]New map!
[Zenla]tester and dialogues
[MorrisB]Troop trees, characters, lore

(click to show/hide)
Screens with Custom Skeletons for v0.95
(click to show/hide)
Scenes of v0.95 
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
New Screens From PatchV0.90b:Berserker Armor modelled and rigged by Percus incredible work a very complicated model.

Newer version of the Berserk Armor notice the cape Percus added to the model :D

Once the golems are dead skull knight and his horse will help you.  He's tough enough to take a thrown spear through the head.

The Black Wanderers can be hired if you start your own kingdom

They are infantry but nearly all of them have some form of ranged weapon.  Pistols, hand crossbows, throwing tridents, and throwing axes[/spoiler]

The Factions:
Kingdom of Midland
Most Balanced Faction. Heavy Knights, Good Crossbows, and most pikemen of any faction

Kingdom of Tudor
Tudor has almost exclusively mounted units.  Some are somewhat poorly armored but an all cavalry force is powerful.
Heavily armored crossbowmen at last tier and mid-tier archers.

The Kushan Empire
The Kushan are very powerful. They are the only Kingdom with two elite units. The bare-chested spear throwers and the very tough Daka demon.

The Holy See
The Holy See has a varied force. Their most powerful are the heavy armored Holy Iron Chain Knights and the Holy Iron Chain Infantry.  But the Balden Swordsmen, Morgar Light Cavalry, and Walatorian Fighters all fill out the ranks.

The Alliance of Paneria
The only troops of the Panerians are the city-state Rahna's.  The other two cities employ powerful mercenaries.  Rahna units are the only ones who use firearms, but it's balanced so they are not a perfect shot and won't 1-hit you. But with many halberdiers and glaives they will be tough in sieges.  Their only Cavalry are mercenaries.

The Last Faction
Their will be one more faction at some point in the game, but I don't want to spoil the surprise.  Just know they will be badass.  If you see a bunch of white armies running around on the map don't pick a fight.

New Seventh Faction
The Beast of the Interstice are monsters of fiction. Many different troops of different sizes from the massive and almost invulnerable cyclops to the exceptionally quick Evil Pirkaf. All are very dangerous. Not recommended to fight them with anything other than fifth tier and elites.

*15 new quickbattles at the start of the game for the man or woman starting choice. It includes your childhood.4 new quickbattles for Gutts(+renown)
*Thanks to Silver Wolf for releasing new helmet pack.
*Huge Props to Wei.Xiadi for letting me use some of his items for Tudor and Kushan they look much better now. As well as making Casca's new plate and helmet
*Huge Props to Barf who made a new Gutts Claymore and Dragonslayer for the mod new textures and Kushan Horse Sword.
*Battles between Npc's will resolve quicker. The last two factions are stronger in autocalc.
*berserk quickbattles with new scenes added into the campaign as well.
*added braced spear kit spearmen and pikemen can crush cavalry charges[b-button](TheMercenary)
*horse whistle can call your horse from anywhere[h-button](TheMercenary)
*added duel mod fight companions lords and kings(MartinF)
*deathcam battles continue without you[j-button,and k-button] scroll through surviving troops(MartinF)
*added many quests involving one large story arc you have to join Midland to start off the main story arc once you reach 1000 renown.
*Scripted war system involving the main arc, new map by (Berserk was loosly based on Europe) and unique factions
*added sweet bridge battles when fighting on a bridge(Arch3r)
*All npc's only gained through quests and special events you get some at the beginning(the Band of the Hawk)
*Need 750 renown to be offered vassalship.
*Area damage for the dragonslayer every swing.
*When you get that you get the hidden cannon(AoE) and repeater crossbow as well
*Added 1 stop tax collection,cattle now follow instead of run and the elder will only ask for five of them
*Horses have less hp and more armor making them more balanced and worse against pikemen
*Throwing weapons are more plentiful and stronger, crossbows more common two new powerful crossbows.
*now being rejected a castle nets you 5000
*scripted wars(ex Midland and Tudor won't make peace until after conclusion of Doldrey quest(need to be aligned with Midland and have 1000 renown) Kushan will become 3x stronger at a certain point in the game.
**Many new map parties such as kingdom specific merc parties and rogue merc parties good for after you get tired of killing sea raiders.
*Super Elite troops for every kingdom all are dangerous in their own way
*Checkmaty's More Metal Sounds Mod implemented as well as new music.
*An end to the game once you beat the last faction's armies and take all his castles you can fight and kill him to end the war. the game of course continues in sandbox after that.
*Many of magelord's tweaks thanks to AJM for releasing a source with them in Python.

[Swyter]Creator of Ironlaucher without which custom skeletons would be impossible
[Mtarini]Creator of OpenBrf. The program is a modder's pandora's box. Custom skeletons would be impossible without this too.
[€hr¡s]New Berserk specific map that isn't Europe. It has an awesome feel.
[Percus]Created and rigged the Berserker's armor, evil soldier weapons, prehawk.
[Death3ye]New signature and banners new fireball sound
[Armagan and Taleworlds]for creating Mount & Blade
[Wei.Xiadi]for his armors
[Barf]for the six-foot-claymore and new Dragonslayer
[Saregona]Better Horses Mod
[Dstemmer]for releasing the command cursor mini-mod its BA and so needed.
[jik] for his tutorial and help
[martinf] for duel kit and for his deathcam revision of silverkatanas valkyrie minimod
[TheMercenary] for her braced spear kit and horse whistle kit.
[Keedo420]for helping out with town walker problems and his undead kit
[vomnistont]for releasing the sword of damocles source it answered a lot of coding questions.
[Twan]for helping me get the Kushan reinforcements to show up
[AJM]for converting so many of Magelords awesome tweaks to python
[Magelord]for creating the tweaks
[Arch3r]bridge battles are sweet
[All of you from the Osp Project you rock]
maw, Dain Ironfoot , Luigi, Njiekovic, Ursca, Ubberdorc, Mirathei, Raz, ThePope,TRC,Dindi,RR_Raptor65,DaBlade,Burrek,
LordCondormanius,Ornumentum mod builders, Stainless Steel 6.0 mod builders, Kolba, Comissar,
Dariel, Silver Wolf, Kodo Day, Rob Galanakis ,Sybilla
[Kentaro Miura]for creating berserk in the first place.
[Susumu Hirasawa]Original Composer of all the music from the anime.
[Chel]for parts of his source for EG3 made apostles badass
[Thorgrim]for many awesome tools
[Checkmaty]More metal sound mod couldn't do without it.
Mirathei, for writing the original ship codes
Ruthven, for explanation+main code manipulation and basic scenes
MartinF for the trigger that changes you into a ship
Jubal for writing the original sea battle guide
Dudro for extended scene editing
[Alexandre Genovese]Galleon ship model(on ShareCG)
[skeleton K] from Korea. made the helmet and boots


In the future I intend to add many more quests and characters and other options to explore the Berserk world in your own way.

If you want to support the mod and have a Revenge of the Berserk tag copy the line below into your profile's sigspace.
#1 is by Gerhart ingame shot.
#2 by Percus the modeller thanks man.
#3 created by Death3ye.
#4 is a new smaller sig by Percus if you want to have more than one sig in your sigspace.
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