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Right...I was suggested to make whole new topic for this matter so thats what im doing.

Lets start from the very beginning:
First proved population in Finland is as far as ~8600BD
~100AD Finns are mentioned in roman writings
~500AD romans write abt different Finnish tribes (basic Finns and Lapland Finns which in my source were named skrerefenn/skridefinn)
end of 500AD germanic influence moves to Finland
~800AD some writings abt Finns doing campaigns against Norway
~900AD old mythology abt finnish kings
1000AD crusades starts and christianity starts to move in Finland ( from the sweden )
~1040AD novgorod attacks to Eastern-Finland (karelia) which begings to separate to its own culture ( orthodox)
halfway of 1000AD swedens king Emunds son Anund attacks to Finland but after Finns poison their wells Anund and his troops gets killed
1123AD novgorod attacks to Finland
1142AD Finns do counter-attack
~1154AD arabian geographer tells that Finlands king has claims on Norway
~1171AD document reveals that there's been swedish militarytroops in Finland to aid against enemies
~1186AD novgorod attacks against Finland
1189AD Swedens diocese list. Finland is not listed
~1200 danish historian writes abt finnish kings
~1202 Denmark campaigns against Finland
~1220AD mythology of marriages and wars of swedish and finnish dynasties
1249AD Sweden conquers Finland ( but Finland stays pretty much like before now they just have to be part of sweden army against novgorod )

So what else I have to do to get Finland in the mod as faction?
Ill give u a map where I have marked towns/castles/villages which should be in the map in 1200AD after im done marking those places
Well Finland is between Sweden and Novgorod and at the time it wasnt part of either of them before 1249AD so obviously it was "independent"

1. Åbo as town 2.Häme as village 3. Viborg as village 4. Kainuu as village 5. Porvoo as village
there should also be this small island named Åland and village in it

I might have found the name of Finlands king but as I told its hard to find knowledge from those times. this knowledge is based on different sagas,mythologies and legends and they say that there was King Faravid who led campaign of over 300 Finns + allied norwegians against karelians ( and as I write before karelians started to turn orthodox which caused these attacks between catholics and karelians)
And what comes to Finlands wealth/trading as u can see from the map Finland is laked country so it had lots of lake ore that abled them to produce iron and goods.

Good luck in researching!
First, you must first proove that Finland country, or countries, or tribes were/was independent,
cause that is the main condition for them to appear.
That may be the common knowledge, but, as I said, I don't know.
Note that there are some countries in the mod who are semi-independent, or ''nominally'' independent, whatever is the right word, so that also counts, as far as I can tell.
- you need to supply maps which shows Finland.
- a settlement list, containing towns, castles and villages.
- an army compostition/troop tree, with equipment (you might want to check out other troops in the Mod before doing that).
- heraldry (flags)
- all the historical lords you can find
- some details like religion, with whom are they at war with, family relations, ladies, what settlement belongs to what lord...
- some pics are always welcome
- give info here concerning Finland in 1200, so do not mention that Finland was strong in 1400AD, or that they had some kind of army in 850AD, only give info that is relevant to 1200AD.
- you might want to see the research thread for Bosnia and Ragusa, not for historical info, but to see how it you may want to do your research.
- you may also want to keep the First Post constantly updated with new info, like I did with Bosnia and Ragusa.
- don't expect from me to do any research, I don't know Finnish, and all the info that I can find is on English, and is on internet, meaning that you can find it too, so don't be lazy.
- you may also want to say to some other Finnish people from this forum that you opened this thread, so that they could help.

And for the end, I don't know whether or not Korinov planned to include Finland, or when did he plan to add them, so that goes beyond my knowledge.

Again, good luck.

only seen less patriotic Finns at forums so im mostly doing this solo  :roll:  map and troops are easy to give but things like lords etc family might be difficult as there isnt much of knowledge from that time. and with 1200AD is it like +/- couple years?
also what makes this job difficult is that evidences of Finlands "independent" and christianity before swedish crusades has been destroyed thanks to swedes  :roll:


--- Quote from: Sotuu on October 29, 2011, 07:22:57 PM ---but things like lords etc family might be difficult as there isnt much of knowledge from that time. and with 1200AD is it like +/- couple years?

--- End quote ---
I haven't really explained it well.
I meant that year 1200 is the top border for some things.
Like, for example:
- If some Finnish settlement is deffinitely known to be built in 1205, than you shouldn't put it.
But, if it was only mentioned for the first time in 1205, then you can easily put it, because there is a chance it existed before that, and therefore, in 1200.

- If you find that some lord died in 1198, then you shouldn't put him in.
- However, if some lord is only mentioned in 1198, and never more, you can put him, because we don't know his fate, but there might be a chance for him to be alive in 1200, so he is automaticaly desireable candidate for a lord.
Many Serbian and Bosnian lords that I found are only mentioned once or twice, before 1200, but I have put them in, because they could be alive.

- If Finland became a Kingdom in 1210 (this is only and example, I don't know what Finland was) then you shouldn't put it as Kingdom of Finland, but as something else (in 1200)

- If Finland conquered some terrytories or settlements in 1210, then you shouldn't, of course, give them to them.

I hope I was more helpful this time.


--- Quote from: MihailoSRB on October 29, 2011, 07:04:11 PM ---- all the historical lords you can find
- some details like religion, with whom are they at war with, family relations, ladies, what settlement belongs to what lord...

--- End quote ---

this part is impossible as Finland didnt have nobles at the time... they did have some kind of regional leadership with provinces or villages but im not sure there is any names left. Åbo ( finnish name Turku) has burnt couple times so most of the documentation burnt with it  :roll:


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