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About Freelancer 2.0
Currently this mod allows the player to enlist in a lord's army with the opportunity to gain experience and money.
Follow your Lord where ever they go, fighting many enemies and gaining ranks as you continue as a single
member of your Lords army. Each time you gain a rank you will be supplied with new equipment and gain a higher
pay. Once you get bored with this career you can either desert or mutiny. While in your Lords service you gain
the respect of your fellow soldiers and there's always a chance that some of your acquaintances will become
followers and join you in your revolution or desertion! As will prisoners, but will they work with you or against you?

IRC Chat: - #M&B:Freelancer @ Game Surge IRC Mibbit Web Chat -everyone welcome.
Feel free to hang out and discuss the mod!

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Re: About & Features.
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New in Freelancer 2.0 "Born to Serve"
This Mod is NOT a remake or continuation of the original "Freelancer", in this mod you will not start as a recruit. You are a hireling, some kind of mercenary who will have their own men and companions and will work towards becoming the Lord you serve's Banner Man his bodyguard/right hand man. You will have many types of missions to complete in your adventure to become a Lord of the realm yourself. To become a good king you must start at the bottom and work your way up the ladder. It just depends on you as to 'how' you climb it.

  • You will no longer be branded a deserter when your Lord is captured when you are on leave.
  • New Joining system.
  • You are able to gather loot and sell it to the armies quartermaster or maybe visiting merchants to your camp.
  • New experience system for Ranking (Not to be confused with Tier levels)

More to come soon...

Original Freelancer Includes.
  • In-Game Report on Commanders Party
  • The ability to go to the town the Lord has entered
  • Factions remember what your last rank was with them. When you return they will remember you and your previous status. (unless you desert or rebel)
  • Players kill count at the end of battles.
  • You only have a 14 day grant of leave, after 14 days you will be branded a deserter. (Thanks to DrTomas for the main idea)
  • Opportunity to gain ranks
  • New equipment & higher pay for each rank
  • Ability to desert the army and take followers with
  • Ability to revolt against the lord and release prisoners
  • Ability to go on personal leave and remain part of commanders army.
  • Interact with commander in a meeting scene
  • Ask commander personally to retire from service
  • No need to hold space bar while commander travels
  • Quartermaster hands you food when you are low.
  • Carry your lords heraldry on armor and shields
  • You can no longer have prisoners as a common soldier
  • A few more bug fixes, ie complete removal of "that was a good fight" bug
  • Relations change when you are not in lords army (vacation)
  • Player being able to pick up items from the battlefield and keeping them.
  • Player unable to ride a horse in battle unless his/her troop tier uses them.
  • Revamped and detailed equipment system so player get everything they are meant to (yes and helms)
  • Troops will get a  guaranteed shield if their troop tier usually has them.   

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