Author Topic: [TUT,WB]Lords Equipment  (Read 3506 times)

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[TUT,WB]Lords Equipment
« on: May 01, 2011, 12:50:54 PM »
Hi, this is my first tutorial here. I want this function to my own mod, but I couldn't it here.
Description: When u are king of faction, you go to any lord and talk with him, there is option "Let me see your equipment" like when u are talking with hero in your party... If you put his armor away, he automatickly equiped clothes that he have in inventory.

Open and fing:
Code: [Select]
     (eq, "$g_talk_troop_faction", "$players_kingdom"),
     (faction_slot_eq, "$players_kingdom", slot_faction_marshall, "trp_player"),
     #(troop_slot_eq, "$g_talk_troop", slot_troop_is_prisoner, 0),
     (neg|troop_slot_ge, "$g_talk_troop", slot_troop_prisoner_of_party, 0),
   "I have a new task for you.", "lord_give_order_ask",[]],
and copy under it:
Code: [Select]
##Lord equipment start
    [anyone|plyr,"lord_talk", [(eq, "$g_talk_troop_faction", "fac_player_supporters_faction"),
                             #(troop_slot_eq, "$g_talk_troop", slot_troop_is_prisoner, 0),
                             (neg|troop_slot_ge, "$g_talk_troop", slot_troop_prisoner_of_party, 0),

   "Let me see your equipment.", "lord_trade",[]],
  [anyone,"lord_trade", [], "Very well, it's all here...", "do_lord_trade",[
#      (change_screen_trade)

  [anyone,"do_lord_trade", [], "Anything else?", "lord_pretalk",[]],

##Lord equipment end
That's all. Have a nice day :D
(Testing on Warband 1.134)