Author Topic: how to keep your productive enterprises making money  (Read 1436 times)

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how to keep your productive enterprises making money
« on: September 14, 2010, 07:20:43 AM »
first all it start with choosing the right enterprize for the town in the first place

you should not set up an ironworks where the market does not have any iron there
what effects your enterprizes price for the raw materials assuming they don't have any stored by you
is the amount of the raw material on the market

prices for raw materials go up when there is little raw material left on the market!

something that effects the sale price of your goods is the amount allready on the market

likewise the sale prices of your goods will drop the more there is at that towns market but increase if there is none of these goods present

what to do if your enterprise starts losing money or the amount of net profit goes low example here is ironworks

1) check the market if you see lots of tools you need that town to shift its tools somewhere else listen in on the best prices the traders are talking about and look for tools and their destinations and empty the towns market of tools and sell them at the most profitable trade route this will make your tools being produced sell at a higher price again

2a)check the market for iron if the iron at the market has dried up then you might want to think of shutting down your enterprize until the market stock of iron increases to a larger amount

2b)find iron from somewhere pillage hostile villages and check other towns marketplaces that have lots of iron for their iron price could be low egnoth to buy it all
you could buy that iron and store it at your iron works and then the iron works will not pay for new materials this would also give the market in that town a chance to recover and have more iron in stock for when your ironworks does run out

if you are a vassal of a kingdom don't set up your enterprises in a town that belongs to a kingdom that will become an enemy

example: your a vassal of the nords and the nords border the veigers and the swadians war is likely to happen between the nords and veigers or nords and swadians

and you set up an enterprise in one of their towns when/if they go to war with the nords you will temporary lose control of your enterprise (to the lord of the town that owns that town) until the town is either captured by a faction that is not at war with you or peace breaks out with the owning faction this is called under sequestration on your weekly balance reports ( )

there are some things you can do if a Enterprise becomes under sequestration by the enemy

1) take the town from them

2) pillage the enemy factions villages this will increase their desire for Peace

3) get work from a guild master until the the job appears that would allow you to broker the peace between the two kingdoms

4) if your king to the player faction send an Emissary(companion with high persuade skill) to broker peace with the towns owning faction

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